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13 Mistakes Job Seekers Make

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We all make mistakes, but when applying for a job a first impression can be everything.  Job seekers make so many mistakes big and small when looking for a job. We have listed some of the most common ones, to help prevent you from making these mistakes and blunders. Don’t be caught out by these errors read them here and never do them again.


  1. Not researching the company before the interview
    • Don’t go into a job interview blind know the company, what they do and who you’ll be talking to.
  2. Not preparing answers for the interview
    • When they ask that question ‘so walk me through your CV’ don’t go blank have answer prepared for these common interview questions
  3. Badly formatted CV
    • No one wants to look at a page of badly formatted text, make your CV aesthetically pleasing to the eye, and make the recruiter want to read more.
  4. Not using all the job sources out there
    • Don’t just sign up to one job board, use many of them and use LinkedIn, Twitter and newspaper ads. Use more than one job source.
  5. You don’t network
    • Talking to people within the industry and getting your name out their will help you in your job search.
  6. You don’t have an online presence (LinkedIn)
  7. LinkedIn is huge you should at least have a LinkedIn profile if you’re looking for a job.
  8. You don’t keep track of the jobs you apply for
    • Keep note of all the jobs you apply the job name and the company you applied to.
  9. Stupid email addresses
    • Don’t use that email you made when you were 15 on CV, create a new email address if you have. Goofy emails are not funny and recruiters won’t consider you for the job.
  10. No voicemail set up
    • A recruiter calls you to set up an interview, you miss the call and they try to leave a message but can’t- you have just missed a job opportunity.
  11. Spelling and grammar mistakes on your CV
    • This is one of the worst mistakes to make, always proof read and get family and friends to proof read your CV
  12. Not tailoring the CV to the job
    • This won’t appeal to the recruiter, use key words from their job ad to make your CV what they are looking for.
  13. Bad interview etiquette
    • Showing up late and dressing inappropriately is just not acceptable. Don’t do it.
  14. Irrelevant information on you CV
    • Recruiters don’t want to know your marital status, how many children you have, more than one email address and you don’t need to add a picture. Don’t fill your CV with unnecessary information.


Now that you have read about some of the most common job seekers mistakes, you can avoid them and have a successful job hunt.


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