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7 Things not to put on your CV – Tips

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What you should put on your CV and what you definatley should not put on your CV is important; employers and recruiters will get a general idea about you from what they read on your CV. It is estimated that most recruiters will scan over your CV briefly within 10 seconds and make their decision within that time.

For this reason your CV should be include only the key information.  Your CV should impress the recruiter, not leave them shaking their head in disapproval. Let us take a look at what you should not put on your CV; you may need to make some changes to your CV after you have read this.


1.       Physical Characteristics

Unless you are applying for a modelling job, employers don’t care what you look like. Height and weight are irrelevant, so don’t add them in.


2.       Private Information

Information about your age, race, marital status, spouse and children, religion, political affiliation, sexual orientation and sex is not part of a professional CV, this is unnecessary so don’t add them.


3.       Picture

From a picture an employer can get a rough idea of your age, ethnicity, and whether you’re attractive or not. To protect themselves employers will generally discard CV’s with a picture so that they are not perceived as hiring or rejecting someone on the basis of their looks.


4.       Bad grammar and slang or abbreviated words

Your CV is a formal document and you should make it look and sound like one. Always check for spelling and grammar mistakes and ask someone to take a look for you. The language you use in the CV should be formal and should not be slang or abbreviated.


5.       Unprofessional Email Address

An email address like should not be used on your CV. If this is the case then you should create a new professional email address, it is free and very beneficial to you.


6.       Middle school/primary school/ grammar school

This primary education level should not be added to your CV it is not important and wastes essential space on your CV.


7.       Unrelated Hobbies

Saying that your hobby is collecting stamps on a CV is another waste of space. State a hobby that displays team work, social abilities and other essential attributes an employer is looking for.


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