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93000 new jobs in Ireland for start-ups over the next five years

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Last week Minister for jobs Richard Bruton TD announced an aggressive new plan to create 93000 jobs specifically in Irish start-up companies within the next five years.

This ambitious but realistic plan is based on increasing the number of actual start-ups by 25% which would result in 3000 more start-ups each year. The Government also plans to give existing start-ups a 25% better chance of survival within the first five years. This means 1800 companies can stay in business. The government also plan to double angel funding from €70 million to €140m.  

This is exciting news for potential Entrepreneurs and jobseekers alike. The reason the government is investing so heavily in start-ups in Ireland and abroad is down to the job growth that exists compared to larger established companies who go for slow growth especially in recent years due to the economic downturn.

The belief in this plan is based on research carried out by the Central Bank. According to CB, start-up companies account for two thirds of job creation within the first five year of being in business.

The government believe that this plan can help improve Irish start-ups by incentivising, providing support and encourage more people to start businesses.

This will be welcomed news to the technology scene in Ireland. Since the Celtic Tiger technology companies have come to our shores and has made Ireland become the European Hub for numerous technology companies. This has also given entrepreneurs in Ireland the confidence to create their own business and create their own success.

The key for job creation especially in start-ups in Ireland is down to the hard work and determination plus the investment and support given in the early days of the company.

Most of the major technological revelations in recent years have come from entrepreneurs who simply had an idea but not the financial support to achieve it. This is why investment is needed to get started to make their vision a reality. Without Investment from government or private investors major technological advances would be lost or delayed and countless jobs would never be created.

I see this as excellent news for start-ups. It gives Irish entrepreneurs a better chance of establishing their business in turn creating jobs for a workforce that are skilled and willing to work plus improve the economy as a whole.         

For Jobseekers in Ireland and abroad this shows more opportunities or job growth and gives people a better chance of finding a job abroad. This growth is aimed at getting business who market on an international level which means language jobs will be created and needed to be filled bilingual skilled staff.


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