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Best Time to Search for a New Job

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Are you ready for the second instalment of the job hunt starter we have here at Job Coconut for you??

Last week we published ‘’The Benefits of Starting a New Job’’ and now we’re here to tell you when the ‘’Best Time to Search for a New Job’’ is.

Let’s begin with the ‘when to professionally’ shall we:

When it comes to working it’s rather rare to stay in the one job for the rest of your life; people change jobs for growth and advancement. It needs to be done. If you are still employed and are looking for a new job we do recommend staying in your current work place for a minimum of 2-3 years. Why you may ask?

Because employers are dubious about employing candidates they believe to be job hoppers. Let’s be honest no one wants to hire a possible flight risk after putting in time and money training them. Employers want to see the ROI (Return on Investment)

Now that that’s covered, let’s move onto the when to look during the year.

From our research we can definitely see that there is a peak in job hunting in the months of January, June and July, of course January being the biggest, because believe it or not but changing jobs is the 4th most popular new year’s resolution out there and January marks the beginning of a new year, in regards to the June/July months it is most likely seasonal work. But seasonal work is the majority of the time a temporary fix to unemployment, here at Job Coconut we want to nip unemployment in the bud for good.

Not only do you, the candidate, start to look for a job but it's also well known that employers don’t start thinking about hiring until January too.

Now we’re not saying to wait until these particular months, there are of course jobs posted the year round. We are simply saying that more job vacancies come around this time of year. So there is more of a chance of getting to the next stage of procuring a job, i.e. phone/skype interview, an interview etc.

So have you been on the job hunt for a while? Want to get a job now? It’s January matey, the busiest month of the year for job seekers and employer alike. Get your head in the game and register with us today and find your dream job.


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