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Choosing the right keywords = More Candidates

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When posting jobs online recruiters should be aware the importance of Keywords  and how they can be the difference in  finding the right candidate. However even in  2014 we still see recruiters choosing the wrong keywords which makes the job  posting ineffective and bad for SEO. .


Think like a candidate

The main reason some recruiters are choosing the wrong keywords is simply because they think like a recruiter instead of a candidate. For example when a job seeker searches for opportunities they simply search using terms work, jobs, jobs in Germanylanguage jobs Europe etc, but recruiters use words like candidate, role, career opportunity. They do this because they want to make the job posting attractive as possible. So a recruiter would call a job “User Experience Agent” instead of calling what it really is “Customer Service Jobs”. 

If you are posting a job write the job posting as if you were a telling a friend about the job in a simple direct manner. Use terminology that makes sense to anyone who reads it.

How candidates find your job

Another factor to take into consideration is knowing how job seekers search. Now this varies but if you have sales jobs, customer service jobs or language jobs the candidate usually begins with a vague search like “language jobs Germany” then when they see roles like Customer Service roles with German” and so on until they find the right job postings that suit their skills.

Job posts can be bad SEO too 

From an SEO point of view having multiple job postings that are similar can have a bad effect on how searchable your jobs will be. Variety is the answer. If each job posting is written differently form the last but give the same information you still get the message across but also make easier to find which result in more views and of course more candidates. My final tip for recruiters is this Avoid stuffing your jobs with relevant keywords. Keyword stuffing can only result in search engines discarding the post and it also looks poor which can reflect on your company.


Job seeker keywords

Search results

Employer Keywords

Search results

Php Developer

123 million

Solutions Engineer

32.2 million

Customer Service Agent

238 million

User Experience Agent

79.4 million

Sales Jobs

435 million

Customer relationship coordinator

5.2 million

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