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Create a Recruiting Plan

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A recruiting plan is a plan of how to will undertake your recruiting process for a job or a number of jobs. It is important to create as it helps you determine the right type of candidate for your company and your job position. It creates an idea of the type of candidate you want to fill your job vacancy and what is the most effective way to do this. In this blog we’ll discuss the steps to help you in making a thorough recruiting plan.


1. Company Goals

Firstly you need to look at what your company wants to achieve. This can be a number of things. For instance, expanding into a new market, increasing sales or even creating a new product. From reviewing the company goals this will help you to determine what skills a candidate must have in order to help achieve these goals. This will help to creCreate a Recruiting Plan  ate a skills checklist and will include skills needed to undertake the tasks of the job and skills needed to fulfil the company goals.


2. Adjust Job Descriptions

The initial job description that was created for this job needs to be revised. It must call for the skills that are needed to achieve your company goals and that are needed to undertake the tasks of the job.  However if it is a new job position that is being created a new job description will need to be created. Revise the company goals and ensure that the job description you create asks for a candidate that is capable of fulfilling these.

The job description must attractive candidates with the relevant skills that you are looking for. Be aware of this when you are creating the job ad.


3. Tactics

Now that you know what candidates you want and you have tailored a job advert to attract these candidates you now need to create a strategy as to where and how you will promote the job.

The type of job position you have available should determine where you promote it. If you require an IT support personnel with a German and English language skill then a niche job board like Job Coconut (add  JC  link) would be ideal.


 4. Interview Technique 

Now that you have advertised the job in the relevant places and you have candidates applying it is important to fine tune your interviewing techniques. Click here (ad JC link here) to view our previous blog we wrote on how to do this. It involves tips for the Interviewer and how to hire the best fit candidate for you company.


 5. Choosing a Candidate

At the point you have interviewed candidates and you have a general idea of who you would like to pick. Here you should revise your skills checklist and ensure that the candidate you are interested in meets the job description criteria and has all the skills on the checklist to help your company achieve its goal. Call the candidate and offer the job to them, after you end the call send them an email thanking them and give any relevant information.


6. Follow up after a Candidate has Accepted

Inform the new employee of a start date in advance and to who they will be meeting on their first day.


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