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Do you know how to court your candidate?

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Recently we had one of those great discussions in the office about the early stages of a relationship.
Clearly people think different about this.

For some people its:

”he likes me I like him, we are an item”.

For others it is more like:

 “let the other work for it or I want to work for it, but don’t let it be easy”.

Either way the beginning of every relationship is different.

Speaking with an owner of a recruitment agency recently this courting conversation made me think. It is exactly hte same when it comes to hiring new members of staff.
Some candidates want and are happy with the easy courting of a company. You interview them, you like them, you offer them, they accept. It can’t be easier.

However what the recruiter told me was that sometimes the candidates expect more from an interview or at least 2 interviews.
Not a 10 minute pre-screen followed by a 20 minute interview followed by an offer.

Over the last number of weeks they have had to advise hiring-companies to not offer the job to candidates early but to perhaps set up another mock interview. As the candidates felt that the offer came too soon in the interview process and started wondering is this the job for them.

Especially if they have to move abroad are they moving for the right job? In some cases their clients did listen in others case it was down to the recruitment agency convincing the candidate it was the right job and the company recognises talent when they see it.

Whether you are an in-house recruiter or an agency recruiter, do try to find out how to court your candidates. As it will make the difference between a job offer accepted & a job offer rejected.

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