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Do you lie on your CV?

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So hands up who can say their CV is completely 100% true when looking for a language job abroad? Well according to this survey 53% of CV’s and applications contain incorrect information. This has shocked the Jobcoconut office. All these little porkies have cost employers an estimated 600 million dollars. Thats alot of lying!

We always thought jobseekers were telling the truth about enjoy running and skiing in your free time while making pottery in your basement.

Well our new friends have put all the stats on what jobseekers are up to and what cost this has on employers.

So next time you apply for that job in London or Spain or even in your local town make sure it’s 100% true as honesty is the policy in recruitment. Recruiters see 1000’s of CV’s a year and can easily see those little white lies sticking out.


Why not tell us what little white lies you have added to your CV in the comments section.

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