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Ever thought about sourcing Global and Multilingual talent elsewhere?


As we are completing the finishing touches to our Global job-board it is time to start marketing us to both companies looking to hire Global talent and Global talent looking for jobs. As we are a start-up we have to be creative to get noticed and keep an eye on cash-flow and don’t just spend money on all online advertising models.

Being an expat myself I wanted to share some of our ideas with you all of which we will implement over the coming weeks as we noticed that they are not done very often by both in-house and agency recruiters.

  • Sports events - Ever thought about going to a Dutch or German soccer match in the pub or Swedish Ice-hockey game? They are easy to spot in their country colours and having been to several of these events with hard to find language speakers together in one room it surprised me to have never seen a recruiter.

  • National Holidays - Most people get together on their national holiday and most embassies host a party for their fellow countrymen and others that might have close ties to the country. Check if you can attend such embassy parties as this might be like “shooting fish in a barrel”

  • Meet-ups - We have seen several groups like Dutch, German and Nordics in various countries organising regular meet-ups for a night out or a Saturday brunch. They usually have a mailing list or Social Media group so if you can join these you will always get a heads up of whenever their next get together is. Perhaps you can even sponsor their first drink?

  • Youth Hostels - Youth hostels are always great places to put flyers up. Perhaps it might be more of a hit and miss as there are plenty of tourists coming through the door with their return tickets booked it usually a place where jobseekers stay to start their job search abroad. So make sure you have your name out there.

As mentioned we hope to implement all of the above and not to forget our online presence. If you have a busy schedule sourcing global talent already and can’t attend these meeting why not drop us a line to see how we can help you. And we’ll attend those meetings for you while drinking a German, Danish or Dutch beer.

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