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Help Me Find a Job Abroad – Look no further help is here

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Having trouble finding a job? The global economic downturn has left us all a bit disheartened on our job search journey. In this blog we’ll discuss steps that will get you back on the job hunting track and down the path to your dream job. You’ll need to do some revamping, both your attitude and your professional presence have to change or simply be upgraded.

Let’s get started!

  1. Improve your CV

    • Click here to learn how 
    • This is essential to improve, it’s generally the first point of contact that an interviewer will have with you.
  2. Create a strong cover letter

    • Click here to learn how
    • A good cover letter can sometimes determine whether you’ll be invited to an interview or not.
  3. Create an Elevator pitch – This is a great example by Sean Wise

    • Click here to learn how
    • Most interviewers will ask “tell me about yourself”, this is your chance to basically sell yourself to them in a 2 minute pitch, practice an elevator pitch to wow them.
  4. Create a Skills audit

    • Click here to learn how 
    • This will help you to determine what skills you have and what skills you need for a prospected job position.
  5. Get recommendations

    • Get written references from previous employers, chose a person that will give you a great reference. This makes you a worthy candidate and shows you are a credible potential employee.
  6. Practice interview techniques

    • Click here to learn how
    • Prepare for interview questions, learn how to answer them and understand what they are asking from you.
  7. Create a LinkedIn Profile 

    • Follow the company you want to hire you.
    • Join job groups on LinkedIn and interact with members, post regularly, stay fresh in their minds.
    • Build your professional online presence, create connections on LinkedIn and get people to endorse your skills.
    • Upload your new awesome CV
  8. Follow and like job boards on social media sites

    • (eg) Facebook + Twitter 
    • They always have latest job updates and latest news on the jobs front
  9. Be careful of your social media an employer  WILL looks at this

    • Don’t have drunken photos on display, or obscene language. Make your profiles respectable and this will attract employers.
  10. Sign up  to job boards 

    • It’s free and a great plus to getting your job seeker profile out there
    • You’ll reach employers faster using more than one channel of communication, ensure you sign up to job boards AND sign up to LinkedIn AND revamp your CV/cover letter/skills audit. Combining these efforts will give you a great opportunity to find that job.
  11. Actively contact people saying you are available to work

    • Apply to jobs even when they are not advertised, this shows initiative and determination.
    • Be proactive with your job search and treat it as a full time job.
  12. If you’re currently out of work do some volunteer work or an internship

    • Don’t leave empty spaces in your job history.
    • An internship is a great way of getting your foot in the door.
    • Volunteering and internships can lead to permanent job positions or earn you a great reference.
  13. Change your attitude

    • This is a key step, if you have that ‘Can do’ attitude employers will notice this, and will see you as a go getter.
    • Speak to the interviewer in a confident manner and tell him/her what you have to offer the company.


Good Luck in your Job Hunt !

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