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How to Hire an Employee – 7 steps to the Right Employee

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Whether you are a large or small company no one wants to encounter a bad hire. Hiring a new employee is a time and money investment on your behalf and possibly the same for the employee, don’t let this investment go to waste by employing the wrong candidate.


After going through the hiring process and then sometime down the line you realise you have made a bad decision can leave you with a sticky situation. This blog has been created to help you avoid that. We will go through 7 steps that you should follow to ensure you hire an employee that is the right fit to your company.


 1. Write an effective Job Description

2. Create a recruiting plan

  • Who will be doing the recruiting and interviews
  • What strategy will you undertake
  • Where will you source your candidates from (job portals, recruitment agencies, LinkedIn etc.)
  • Where will you advertise your job ad description

3. Create a candidate checklist

  • This will involve the skills and experience they require and the type of personality they need to fit in with the company ethos
  • The ideal candidate should tick the boxes on this
  • It gives structure to the type of candidates you should invite to an interview

4. Research the applicants that met the checklist criteria

  • Read their CV & cover letter
  • Look at their LinkedIn profile (if they have one)
  • Take a look at their social media sites
  • Google their name

5. Choose only the worthy applicants from the previous list

  • Check their references, see are they a creditable candidate
  • Then, call them for a pre-screen test before you invite them to an interview
  • This cuts out any time being lost on pointless interviews

6. Choose the candidates you wish to interview

  • You now must create interview questions that relate to the job description
  • You must prepare for an interview like a candidate will
  • Review their CV and cover letter and bring to the interview

7. Interview your chose candidates

  • Remember, the same rules apply to you that apply to candidates in the interviewing process
  • Be prepared
  • Be on time
  • Lastly, choose the candidate that ticks all the boxes, fits in with the company culture, and is someone that will be a valuable asset to the company, don’t choose someone for the wrong reasons (e.g. they are impressive yet don’t have the German language skill you want, or simply because you need an employee quick)


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