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How to retain hard to find talent without throwing big parties and paying loads of money?

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Interesting topic to blog about as an international job-board, the higher your turn over becomes the more business we might get. However as we are nice folks we have decided to share some of the feedback we have gotten back from jobseekers and how they felt that they could or should have been retained.

Make a promise and stick to it

We have spoken with several candidates that have left their employer within the first year as promises made during the interview and offer stage where  not being kept. For instance in recent times we spoke with a jobseeker that was promised that the employer would pay for a CCNA course starting on a certain date. However the candidate never got what was promised even though the performance was perfect and so they decided to move on.

Let them be in your shadow!

One great way to keep employees happy and interested is by identifying what their possible next move might be within the company. Is it management, a more senior or specialist role or different department? Whatever it will be, let them shadow someone from time to time within the company. Not only will it keep the employee happy it will also make for better internal candidates when a job becomes available.

Get them involved

Google might be a prime example where a number of Google products have been developed by people on their own initiative. Now you might not be at the level of Google or have a need to produce new products every day but what is stopping you from having a monthly team meeting to see what is going well and what can be improved. If you listen and take action on some of the suggestions not only will you have happy employees that feel they are being valued, more than likely your bottom line will improve as well. 

Now of course there is more but hey we all have to eat, so there is a few tips we wanted to share with you, anymore and you wouldn’t need us at all. 

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