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How to Write a Cover Letter

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Let me start off by saying you NEED to tailor each cover letter to each job you apply for, it’s the same for a CV. Writing a good comprehensive cover letter is important, employers sometimes use it as a basis on whether they want to offer a job interview to you or throw your CV in the trash. A cover letter is an opportunity to emphasis important details of your CV or things that are not on your CV. Standard letter writing rules apply when you are writing your cover letter.

A cover letter should enhance your CV and should not repeat what is on your CV. Whether applying online or on posting/handing in a CV it should always be accompanied by a cover letter. Take the time to write your cover letter and see it as a chance to bring your personality across to the employer and to set them up with a great impression of you in their minds. Consider the 5 W’s, what why when where and who. State who you are, what job you are applying for, why you are applying for this job, where they can contact you and when you are able to be contacted at and when you can start with the company.


Cover Letter Template:


Your address

Your contact details


RE: what the letter is about


Dear (know who you are sending it to – if you can’t find out, use “Sir/Madam” or “to whom it may concern”)


State the job you are applying for and where you found the job ad.

Mention briefly the qualifications and experience that are relevant to the job that you are applying for, as your full list will be on your CV. Say why this job position and the company interested you, maybe why you are applying for this particular job (not just because you need a job).


State your strengths and skills and how you would use them to benefit the company. Explain how you can add value to the company and how you can improve their operations. Add that you would be a great asset for them to have.

Tell them where they can contact you email/phone number. Finally thank them for reading your CV.



(Your name)


Now check it and proof read it, have a friend or family read over it and check for spelling and grammar mistakes.

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