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Irish Government push employment target forward from 2020 to 2018

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The Irish government have announced this week that they expect to reach full employment by 2018 a full 2 years ahead of schedule. 


The Taoiseach (prime minister) Enda Kenny believes having 2.1 million people in work as an “ambitious and realistic goal”. The Government goal has been replace the 250000 jobs in Ireland that were lost during the recession.

 It has been an encouraging year based on the employment figures you can see why they might be optimistic. In the last 12 months unemployment has dropped from 15% to 10.6%. The Government did admit that signs were encouraging but not good enough as they want it below 10%

Tánaiste Joan Burton said that this was a “year of opportunity” in terms of getting people back to work and creating new jobs. For Ireland every job sector has the potential to grow return to the peak of the boom.

For jobseekers both in Ireland and abroad Ireland is showing that it’s gradually returning as a place of growth and opportunity. As a job board ourselves we have seen first-hand how jobs in Ireland are coming back to cities like Dublin, Cork and Dundalk are showing confidence and hiring again.

Also with the corporation tax staying at the current rate make it even more appealing for companies to set up in Ireland and establish European offices. This will be an exciting year for people in Ireland and also for graduates and professionals abroad either returning or looking to set up in Ireland, looking for a career especially in IT or sales which is where we have seen a lot of jobs being created.

This is an exciting year for Ireland and we look forward to see what happens next.


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