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Job Hunting Then & Now

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It’s always interesting to see how we have evolved over the years. Things change and no one really questions why. It’s only ever when you compare the old with the new that you truly see how much we have changed and begin to marvel at our advancement or begin  to wonder was it really for the best?

These days nearly everything is technology based, businesses are trying to cut out face to face interaction, what with internet banking, scan your own at supermarkets, or customer service via internet chat. It makes you wonder are we slowly but surely losing our personal touch?, in the not so distant future will we forget how to interact with people/clients/colleagues in person?. Job hunting is heading down the very same route, especially when job hunting for a position abroad.

Let’s journey back to then and see how far we have come in the job hunting sector compared to today and find out.



Job hunting around 50 years ago was a different kettle of fish altogether.

  • There was certainly less competition, plenty of work, no need for third level education for the majority of jobs, as you were more than likely trained on the job.
  • A lot of people left school at a young age, usually around 15 years of age and fell right into a job.
  • Lots of apprenticeships.
  • Women had jobs, but it was the men who had the careers.
  • Fee’s for universities and I.T.’s were not as costly as they are today.
  • A lot less pressure to excel in the job as there was a lot less competition, and employers were not just going to get rid of you after spending time and money training you in. You could say that job security back then was much higher.

When job hunting, you usually found one through a contact of yours or another family member, or even through the classifieds in a newspaper.

Once they had optained the job, people would up sticks, sell all they had, settle their debts and left with what remained of their money and leave with their nearest and dearest, hoping for the best. Your fate was totally left up to the gods.



Now-a-days when it comes to job hunting you don’t even have to leave the house, all the jobs you could possibly want are just a click away on the World Wide Web.

  • Today there is much more competition what with companies looking for the cream of the crop, meaning that  third level education is a must.
  • There is no such thing as leaving school at 15 anymore, those who do will find it extremely difficult to find employment. Companies want skills they want experience.
  • There are less and less apprenticeships in today’s market, especially since the recession has reduced job opportunities in many sectors.
  • Women are more active in the workplace now and both men and women can have careers and a family with paid parental leave.
  • Competition in the workplace is extremely high; employers know that there are plenty of other people out there who are qualified to do your job.  There are even 90 day work trials so the pressure on employees is extreme, in order to achieve job security.


In regards to the job hunt: Like we said, the World Wide Web is the place to be what with job sites (that’s us)recruitment agencies, social media and forums you are spoiled for choice.

Because everything is online, if you decide to work abroad, there is the likes of Skype calls/Interviews and email so you don’t even need to travel to the jobs location.

Now-a-days there is so much planning and organising that goes into the decision of moving and working abroad that there is very little risk involved in it compared to 50 years ago, where you just hoped for the best and just prayed that they didn't burn their bridges before they left incase they needed to come home again.

 Like we said in the beginning it's always interesting to see how far we have come, and finding a job these days has been simplified dramatically compared to 50 years ago, the only thing in our way these days is the recession.

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