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Jobs with Oracle: IT Sales Jobs with Job Coconut.

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Oracle are one of the biggest companies that have jobs with us here at Job Coconut. You may be familiar with some of the applications they provide such as Java.

Oracle also provide a wide array of solutions for businesses; database solutions, cloud storage and consulting to name a just a handful of their many software solutions. In 2010 Oracle acquired Sun Microsystems and now provide a range of hardware solutions in addition to their existing software.

Oracle have over 115,000 employees worldwide; providing people with development and engineering jobs, IT support jobs and consulting jobs. You can join their number through Job Coconut.

Here at Job Coconut we have 20 jobs online with Oracle in Dublin – Ireland, Malaga – Spain and Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Our jobs with Oracle are currently all in the area of IT Sales but there is some variety within the selection and we expect many new jobs in the future.

Some of our jobs are Sales Account Manager jobs, in languages such as NorwegianSwedishFinnish and Dutch.

We also have Inside Sales Representative jobs for Belgian and Dutch speakers.

Lastly there are pure sales jobs in the areas of IT Sales and Cloud Solutions with jobs for German speakers, jobs for Finnish speakers and jobs for Swedish speakers.

It’s an exciting time here at Job Coconut as we have begun to work with Oracle on a global basis so our list of jobs with them should only be on the rise. Some examples of the jobs we will have online in the coming days are Russian speaking jobs in Dubai and Hungarian speaking jobs in Prague. Keep an eye on their job list to see if anything in your region, or area of expertise shows up.


Oracle are a great company to get a job with because you don’t just get a job, you get a career. Oracle offer numerous opportunities to advance within the company and even opportunities to move to other countries while working with them. If you want a job where you can be continuously moving within the company then Oracle are a fantastic choice. They have also been voted #1 company to work for in over 10 countries.

Oracle are experiencing growth even in these hard economic times and are beating titanic companies like IBM in areas like database management. Oracle are going from strength to strength so start your career with Oracle now and apply for one of their jobs on Job Coconut.

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