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Living & Working in Ireland

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 We say ‘’Ireland’’ you think….No Money, No Jobs…. Dead End.

Well…… We are glad to say that you’re wrong. Yes unemployment is in its teens but as of August 2013 it dropped from 13.40% to 13.30%, and these are the type of figures we all love to see decreasing.

When we at Job Coconut think ‘Ireland’ we hear ‘Céad Míle Fáilte’ (hundred thousand welcomes), we see that Ireland today is multicultural, which is clear with the ever growing number of different nationalities, and we love that even when times are hard and belts have to be tightened Ireland was still named as one of the top 10 friendliest countries in the world.

It is actually a prime location for multinational companies and technical start-ups; there is a whopping 1,004 multinational companies already here.

You have to admit, that’s impressive?? Still not sold??  Try this on for size: 10 out of the top 10 technology companies are here, it’s no wonder Ireland is the largest software exporter in the world.

  1. Intel

  2. Boston Scientific

  3. Pfizer

  4. IBM

  5. Abbott International & Abbott Medical Optics

  6. Hewlett Packard

  7. Dell

  8. Google

  9. Medtronic

  10. Apple


That’s not all that’s flourishing here, sectors like:

Accounting & Auditing:

We’re all experiencing tough times these days, and everyone is keeping a close eye on the books, which is why there is still a need for accountants and the like.

Green Jobs:

We all love our planet, and we want to keep it safe, which is why it makes perfect sense that jobs in the green sector like renewable energy and environmentally friendly technologies would be on the rise. This sector would not only see a rise in industry’s like environmental biology and engineering but also jobs that help support them, like the traditional Human Resources, Finance, Administrative, Marketing & Advertising.

Double whammy: Saving the planet and MORE jobs.

Healthcare Jobs:

As you may have heard the nursing sector is taking quite a bashing in terms of recruitment, especially in Ireland but the pharmaceutical industry is in a good place, people will always need medication, which gives way to job openings like R&D and sales.


Getting Started:

So you’re coming to Ireland and you want to know what to do? You’ve come to the right place then, here at Job Coconut, we got you covered.

First of all people from certain countries need a visa to enter Ireland, which can be done online. There are 2 types of Visa for Ireland:

  1. Short Stay Visa: You can stay a maximum of 90 days in Ireland.

  2. Long Stay Visa: Issued to those looking for employment, to study, or joining a family member.

*Note: Having a visa does not mean you can work in Ireland.


People from EU, EEA OR Switzerland, their spouses/partners and dependants are entitled to work in Ireland and they do not need an employment permit. They can apply for any job vacancy. Whereas people from other countries would need to apply for an employment permit, and there are 4 possible permits you can apply for:

  1. Work Permit

Which is not possible to get with a salary of less than €30,000.  They are usually issued for 2 years and can be renewed 3 years thereafter.

  1. Green Card permit

You are given a Green Card if you have specific skills within a limited list of occupations with salaries varying between €30,000 and €60,000.

This permit is valid for 2 years and does not need to be renewed; it can also lead to a long term residency.

 *Note: Applications for both the work permit and green card permits may be made by the employee or the employer.

  1. Intra-Company Transfer Permit

Applications can only be requested by the employer, and is only valid for those employees in senior positions, earning a minimum of €40,000 and must be in full employment with the same company for a year before applying.

  1. Spousal/Dependant Work Permit.

This is basically were the spouse, partner and dependants of the work permit holder, applies for their own permit to work in Ireland.

*Note: If your employment permit is refused you have 21 days to appeal.



Working time regulations:

  • Each and every employee MUST receive a contract, which states the terms and conditions of their employment, i.e. regarding pay, working hours and holiday leave.

  • The general rule of thumb in regards to breaks during work is 15 minutes after 4.5 hours of work, if you work more than 6 hours you are entitled to a 30 minute break.

  • Employees cannot work more than 48 hours a week.

  • They are also entitled to unpaid breaks during the working day and annual leave.

  • Each employee who has been employed for the same employer for a minimum of 13 weeks is entitled to a minimum notice period before they are dismissed.

Maternity/Paternity leave:

Regardless of however long you may have worked in the company, every woman is entitled to 26 paid week’s maternity and 16 unpaid if she wishes. In Ireland the majority of women take their first 2 weeks off just before the due date. You don’t have to, it is just an interesting fact, we thought we’d share.

In regards to paternity leave, it is the individual employers who decide whether to allow paternity leave or not.



Each employee is entitled to annual leave based on either of the following:

  • Working a minimum of 1,365 hours during that year, you are entitled to a max of 4 weeks.

  • 8% of the hours worked up in that year.

  • If you have worked a minimum of 8 months then you are entitled to at least 2 weeks.

  • One third of a working week for each calendar month, when the employee has worked 117 hours.

*Note: As the employee you are entitled to choose which ever one gives a greater entitlement.


 Public Transport:

This little island does have a reputable public transport service, what with busses, trains, DART’s and the LUAS, you are sure to get where you need to go.

Bussing it:

Bus Éireann is the main bus service in Ireland and offers routes to all the major cities/towns, with many stops along the way. They may be the biggest bus service but there are also plenty of private hire coaches that offer the same routes throughout the county.

Then there are the likes of Dublin City bus service ‘’Dublin bus’’ with routes all over the capital city, helping you make the most of your day in the big smoke.

Taking the Train:

Irish Rail (Iarnród Éireann) is the only rail service in Ireland, it has great service and good deals, so you won’t find yourself out of pocket.

Irish Rail spreads its services out from Dublin city to intercity services like:

  • Cork

  • Limerick

  • Tralee

  • Ennis

  • Galway

  • Waterford

  • Rosslare Europort

  • Sligo

  • Westport

  • Wexford

  • Ballina

With many other stop between them.

 *Note: Irish Rail also offers a DART service (Dublin Area Rapid Transit), a quick and easy way to get around the city


 Living it LUAS Style:

The Luas offers 2 lines the ‘Red’ and the ‘Green’.

Red Line: runs in the east-west direction through Dublin's Northside, then crosses the River Liffey and travels southwest finishing in Saggart.

Green Line: Runs entirely on the south side of Dublin.


Places to See & Things to Do:

Dublin Zoo:

The Largest Zoo in Ireland and one of the most popular attractions, which is in Phoenix Park.

So not only will you get to see a number of animals but you also get to see the Presidents home (Áras an Uachtaráin), the Papal Cross and some famous Irish monuments like the Wellington Monument. All that in one place, well worth a visit.

The Ring of Kerry:

You simply cannot live in Ireland and not visit the ring of Kerry, the king of the country side, the unspoiled region of Ireland, with its breath taking views and many activities to participate in along the way.

New Grange:

A prehistoric monument in County Meath, one of Ireland’s main tourist attraction and well worth a visit. The reason why it is so popular is because just once a year during the Winter Solstice, the light of the sun shines in and illuminates its passage ways, it really is all about the anticipation of it all, as everyone is celebrating the longest night in the year to end. It is truly a site to see and thousands of people visit it every year.

*Note: These are just 3 of many great locations/attractions to be found in Ireland.


Last but not least:

At Job Coconut we have many companies with jobs in Ireland live on our site right now. The companies that have jobs in Ireland are as follows:

  1. Oracle – Sales jobs

  2. Dropbox – Sales, Language, Customer Service and Accounting/Finance jobs.

  3. Career Trotter – Language, Customer Service, Sales, and IT Support jobs.

  4. First Place Recruitment – Language, Customer Service, Sales, IT Support, and Accounting/Finance Jobs

  5. Red Tree Recruitment – Legal, IT Development, Banking/Finance and HR jobs.

  6. Career Wise – IT Development/Support, Sales and Language jobs.

  7. Eden Recruitment – Language, Customer service, Sales and Admin jobs.

  8. Enterprise People – IT Support/Development jobs.

  9. The Recruitment Bureau – Sales and Language jobs

  10. Marriot International – Language and Customer Service jobs

  11. Manpower – Customer Service, Language and  IT Support jobs

  12. 3V - IT Development Jobs.

  13. Transpoco - Sales Jobs.

  14. Matrix Resources Limited – IT Support/Development, Language and Customer Service jobs

  15. Superhippo – Creative/Design, Marketing and Language jobs

  16. Abrivia Recruitment – Language, Customer Service  and IT Development Jobs


Enough waiting around click here to get started.

So when you think of Ireland, Think again.

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