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The Smart Jobseeker - Top 10 Benefits of Working Abroad

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Here at Job Coconut we have compiled a list of what we deem to be the top 10 benefits of working abroad.  In today’s competitive job market, working abroad can provide invaluable experience that will help distinguish you from other jobseekers.


1. Improving your Language Skills


In terms of learning a language it is generally agreed that working abroad is the best option as you are immersed in the language during work hours and your colleagues expect a certain standard.  Depending on what your job entails you’ll probably pick up specialist vocabulary. 


A second language will dramatically improve your job prospects as bilinguals are in hot demand, particularly for international companies.  In addition, being bilingual can allow you to form a vital part of a company’s growth strategy, whether it is trying to enter new markets on a national level or expand to other countries. Overall, being bilingual is a skill associated with top performers and earners. 


2. Improving your Communication Skills


No matter your career path, most employers look for candidates who are able to communicate clearly.  Taking the time to travel abroad will give you the opportunity to perfect your communication skills.  For example, giving a presentation or speaking with clients will be a breeze after spending months expressing yourself to people who speak a different language.  You will broaden your communication spectrum by learning to get creative when phrasing sentences and by picking up a foreign language. 


3. Gaining insights into another culture


Once you understand the nuances behind a language, you begin to understand its culture.  You may read or hear about another country, but learning another language and therefore the ability to interact with locals is the key to being able to explore a new culture.  Comprehension can expose you to foreign books, films, art and music. 


4. Being a Self-starter


Moving abroad and finding work shows motivation, initiative, independence, maturity and adaptability.  These attributes are extremely valuable to employers.  Hiring managers will also see that you are not afraid to get out of your comfort zone and face now challenges. 


5. Having a Global Mind-Set


Many companies, especially international ones, want employees who can think on a global scale.  Going abroad will open your mind to how people from other countries perceive the world.  You will be able to sell a product or service from a completely different perspective.  Hiring managers see people who have travelled to different countries as open-minded and able to think outside the box.


6. Fostering a global network of contacts


We all know that the world is becoming increasingly interconnected, and many of us experience this on a daily basis through social networking online.  Working abroad gives you the chance to build relationships with people in your field on an international level, so even when you decide to move back to your home country, you can continue to nurture these relationships from afar and incorporate them into your new job. 


7. Possible Higher wages


Executives working overseas tend to be paid more than their counterparts back home.  An extra allowance is provided for the inconvenience of acclimatising to a new country and may include accommodation and perks such as free flights home. 


8. Travel Opportunities


“ The traveller sees what he sees, the tourist sees what he has come to see”

– Gilbert K. Chesterton.


An added bonus of working abroad is that you have an opportunity to travel further afield.  For example, if you are working in Frankfurt in Germany it is possible to travel to Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam, Florence, and Milan etc. for a weekend trip.  These experiences will broaden your horizons even further!


9. Experience Personal Growth


As a result of your experience of living abroad you will generally grow as a person.  This is because the perspectives and values that you have inherited from you homeland may be challenged, and sometimes rejected, for a more holistic perspective that encompasses different viewpoints.   


Living abroad is challenging as it pushes you beyond your comfort zone both physically and mentally.  However, it will also be very rewarding as you begin to overcome these challenges and experience profound personal growth.


10. Improving your Future Prospects


The competitive job market, exacerbated by the global downturn, has made employers more selective.  In today’s job market, companies prefer hiring candidates who possess a wide range of skills and extensive work experience.  Experience of working abroad attracts employers even more, as it showcases your capability to adapt workplaces and perform well under pressure.


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