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Tips for a Skype Job Interview

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Like we said in our last blog ‘Job Hunting Then & Now’ Skype interviews are getting more and more popular and in today’s fast pace world, the internationally minded employer is looking for a quicker more efficient way to contact potential candidates, and Skype is a great way of doing so.


Interviewing for a job via Skype reduces costs dramatically for both parties, instead of flying half way around the world you simply open a laptop, tablet, smart phone and bob’s your uncle you’re ready to go. Think about it, you as a candidate won’t get hot and bothered, being delayed in traffic, you are in the comfort of your own home/surroundings and they as an employer won’t have to take time out of an already busy schedule to book interview rooms.


Yes Skype is certainly the easier option, but that does not mean that all etiquette and preparation go out the window, and that’s why we are here, so read on for a great guide to acing that Skype job interview call and our very own sneaky tips to get you there.


Right, so let’s begin with the Prep:


  • Practise makes perfect: Get familiar with Skype, before the interview, know it’s in’s & outs. Before the main job interview itself, why not practise a Skype call with a friend.



  • Check you are in the best possible location, so you can avoid bad connection problems and of course the 3 hello’s clause. . . Hello? Helllloooo? Hello?
  1. When checking for the best internet connection, make sure this spot will be a quiet area during the Skype job interview. There is nothing worse than hearing background noise and straining to hear.
  2. Turn off or at least silence your mobile phone.


  • Make sure your backdrop is appropriate, not fullof posters, messy, busy etc.


  • Look the part: You may not be meeting in person but they still see you (well some of you) through the webcam, so neat hair, appropriate dress, clean shaven etc. (etiquette blog)


Your preparation is done now onto the easy part…During:


  • Look into the camera, not the screen: This can be disconcerting, but it shows professionalism. Keep good eye contact like you would with a face-to-face conversation.


  • Speak clearly.


  • ‘’Keep your head in the game’’ Don't be distracted by anything else going on around you. When you’re in the interview, that’s all you should be thinking about, no Facebook, Twitter etc.


  • If there are technical issues, calmly try to fix them, and apologise for the delay.




Job Coconut: Sneaky Tips


One of the great things about a Skype interview is that all the interviewer see’s if you from the waist up. You could be happily in your PJ bottoms and slippers with a shirt and tie/Top, they won’t know. Just make sure that during the interview you don’t need to stand up or leave your seat. That could be rather embarrassing.


Sneaky notes on screen . . . . Who’s going to know, but don’t rely on them, go into this Skype interview prepared. The notes are a ‘just in case’. You use them if you get lost or nervous.


Skype profile: Keep it professional, you really don’t want a potential employer to ‘horndog247’ as your contact name.


Keypad Microphone: Some keypads have a mic just underneath them, so perhaps during your practice Skype call, check to see if you have this feature on your device. You don’t want your potential employer to hear the clattering of buttons as you talk.


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