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War for Global talent- easier or harder than ever?

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Years ago recruitment was done by fax, newspaper and drawers full of CV's. A lot has changed since then with Linkedin, mobile phones and ATS systems.


Years ago people emigrated because they didn't have a choice or felt it was the only option, however years of planning and some serious sacrifices had to be made. It was a big risk with no turning back. A lot has changed since then.


Don't get me wrong working abroad still means making some sacrifices like missing family and friends but nowadays it is a lot easier.


  • Flights are a lot cheaper, it doesn't cost and arm and a leg anymore to fly. Sure if you want to move to the other end of the world it still cost a bit but it doesn't take a year or 2 to save money before you can move
  • Skype, email, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp. All great ways to stay in touch with family and friends back home and elsewhere in the world. Information is passed on so quickly you won't miss much being in another country.
  • Open borders, this is mainly for Europe however it doesn't take much to pick up your stuff and move to another country. Set up a new taxnumber in your new country of residence and don't forget to cancel the mobile phone bill in your old one.
  • Having learned  a second language in school, most young people are now far better equipped than their (grand)parents to go abroad as they have received a higher level of education in foreign languages.


However that said will this make the search for Global talent Easier? No would be the simple answer. One major trend is the opening of many E-commerce companies across Europe. You don't have to be a Paypal or Google to need a German account manager and Dutch SEO specialist. Dublin has a number of major companies from the States; Germany, and especially Berlin, and is home to many small European start-ups all looking for European talent. So will it be big multinational Dublin or Funky Start-up Berlin? 




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