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Where are your skills worth the most? Unemployment in one country vs. High paid job in another

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Since the economic crisis began in 2007, millions of jobs have simply been wiped out of the job market, coupled with a steady increase in graduating students seeking employment, you would be forgiven for thinking that the outlook is bleak. However, if you can improve your job search method, you can stack the odds in your favour. In a series of articles Job Coconut will provide some job seeking tips, providing insight into how to improve your job search methods.


Relocating to other countries is happening more often in the modern, global society. There are many reasons why you may be considering relocation. Opportunity in your field may be best sourced overseas, evident in the boom of the pharmaceutical and I.T sectors in Ireland over recent years, which has attracted candidates from around the world. You may be looking for adventure, to be closer to family, your partner, or purely for financial reasons. Some people want to relocate and others do not have a choice. Whatever your reasoning is, you will likely require some form of employment when you move. If you are considering multiple locations this article will hopefully give you some tips on how to pick that country.


Undertake a personal skills audit in order to provide you with your Unique Selling Points. Certain skills sets in the correct location directly add a monetary value to your proposition as a job seeker to potential employers. An example is your native language skills. Speaking English in Ireland and the UK, or German in Germany, or Danish in Denmark, is not seen as being anything unique. However in this modern world where businesses are increasingly outsourcing activities, your language skill, in another country, could gain you that extra cash in specific roles. So, research to discover where your language skill is needed. Are German speakers needed in Ireland? Are Danish speakers, required in the UK? or English speakers in either Germany or Denmark. It is easy to find German speakers in Germany, but it might not be so easy to find a native speaker in Ireland. Thus, you will suddenly be placed in an enhanced position to offer something, others may not, giving you the advantage and providing you with a welcome reward for your language skills. Likewise this can translate to other languages and countries!

Another example of these, money generating skills, may lie within the qualifications you trained so hard to achieve. Do you have qualifications relating to ICT/engineering/health care? It is very common that certain areas of industry and training go through a cycle in terms of supply and demand. Are you in a situation where the job market for your specific qualifications are saturated with candidates, making it difficult to find a job? If you are looking to relocate for these very reasons, the first port of call should be to find out which countries have started to experience a rise in demand for those particular skills. That way you will give yourself the longest running opportunities in that country, where you can benefit from that boom. These cycles are very common, and with a little attention, can be spotted relatively easy. This well thought out analysis could get you that job. Additionally if you are able to combine multiple skills in you search (i.e. language and qualification) then you could, very well, see the benefits in your wallet and lifestyle. No-one has said relocating is easy, however, whether it is by choice or otherwise, you should give yourself the best chances of success. Remember, when you a starting out new; the only way is up, embrace the adventure!


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