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Working abroad? Money in in Western Europe versus Quality of life in Eastern Europe?

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Having been in recruitment for many years we have dealt with many jobseekers looking for Job opportunities abroad. Jobcoconut is aiming to provide you with plenty of language jobs and other global jobs across Europe. We have found that many jobseekers tend to focus on Western Europe as they feel salaries in Eastern Europe are too low.

But are they?

Yes, you do get paid better working in countries like Ireland, The UK or the Netherlands if you compare like with like. But is it that simple? Higher taxes, higher cost of living, higher insurance cost etc. will mean that your money might be gone quickly.

If you break it down in what percentage of your income is going to taxes, rent, shopping etc. you often find that it is better to find a job in Eastern Europe where having paid for the basic things in life you have plenty of money left for dining out, nights of fun and laughter and perhaps your own place to rent rather than share.

We at JobCoconut believe the following applies to you when looking for a job abroad. What do you want to get out of it, money wise? If you are looking to save money perhaps working in Western Europe might be the better option as saving €100 from €2000 gross is easier done than saving €100 from €100 gross. However if you are looking to have a good quality of life and enjoy yourself whilst developing a career abroad perhaps your eyes should be focussed on Eastern Europe.

At JobCoconut we can help you find that job whether it is in Eastern or Western Europe!

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