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Working in Ireland with Hertz

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When applying for jobs it is usually the company that wants to find out about the applicant.  Job Coconut called the recruitment department of Hertz, the international car rental company, to get up-close and to switch the roles of the interviewer and the interviewee. The call was taken by Christina Goetz, she graciously allowed us to ask all the questions we had on our minds.

Christina Goetz has worked for around 18 months, as a Talent Acquisition Specialist for Hertz and is responsible for the detection of talent on the German-English market. So there is no better person to speak with and learn more about your future job abroad.

1. How would you describe the company Hertz in your own words?

Hertz is a very open-minded company and is based on a corporate culture that is very “American” in style, with a flat hierarchy and many team meetings. Charity events and other highlights bring a refreshing atmosphere to a daily work life. Several languages such as German, French, Spanish and English are strongly represented within the company which allows employees to explore and discover these international cultures.

2. For what activities Hertz is directly responsible in Ireland?

Hertz operates as an European Shared Service Centre in Ireland with functions such as recruitment and customer care being outsourced to this office. The ladies and gentlemen in our office are responsible for recruitment throughout Europe. Furthermore our Employee Care Center is also located in Dublin.

3. Why is it so attractive for applicants to work at Hertz?

Any applicant who applies for a job in Ireland or in another country has the chance to develop their own skills. Within the team there are outstanding promotional prospects and working for Hertz provides a great name on a CV to get another great job abroad.


4. You are looking predominantly for German and Dutch candidates. We all know that it is difficult to find suitable candidates with these languages. In your opinion what could be the reason for this?

First of all I have to decide what job opportunity I want to pursue and which country should be my future destination. For example companies in Ireland looking desperately for German speakers. Furthermore, there are many competing companies that complicate the search for suitable candidates. Almost every company offers a relocation packages or other benefits today, that does not make it easy to compare what’s on offer. However, Hertz have a very comprehensive relocation package. Every new arrival to the Hertz family is supported with airfare and hotel stay to get them on their feet.

5. What job prospects can future applicants expect, after working a while at Hertz?

As already mentioned, there are versatile opportunities for advancement within our company in order to make the experience abroad exciting again and again.  In our contact center, there is the possibility to apply for the position of a mentor after six to twelve months of being a permanent employer. Later on you can aspire to become a team manager and finally the position of a business manager.

6. What led you to Ireland and what was your career path at Hertz?

My personal motivation was to develop myself and to try new things. My mother ventured abroad and I followed this inspiration. I have now set up my new base here in Ireland.

I filled the position as a talent Acquisition specialist, since I started working at Hertz and I am very grateful for this opportunity.

7. Do you have some general tips for future applicants who want to secure a job at Hertz?

Your English language should be absolutely fluent. In Germany you can see it very often that companies record the knowledge of English as a requirement in the job profile, but you never have to use it in reality. Hertz is different! We need English every day in our job and it is a daily required skill.


8. How is it for you personally to work for Hertz?

The work is rich in variety and very exciting. At first, I needed a short time to get used to all the processes and  principles of Hertz because of the U.S. policies. However this is just my opinion, based on my experiences.

9. Why can you recommend candidates to work for Hertz?

There are in general different internal job vacancies which make the job outlook so attractive after working a while for Hertz. Furthermore we are trying to motivate all employees through different courses for further qualification. There are, for example, courses such as management skills or leadership journey which are offered.

One last thing that I would like to tell you about is our weekly "Huddles". This is where we hold a weekly team meeting to look over the positives and negatives of a previous week to come up with solutions. This naturally leads to a better communication and greater cohesion within the company. Should you be an applicant who is open-minded, adaptable and goal oriented, then do not wait with your application. Apply today via Job Coconut!

This was a nice concluding word to round up our interview. I would like to thank Christina on behalf of Job Coconut for her time and knowledge. We wish her every success with Hertz in the future.

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