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Writing the Best Job Description

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Developing a strong job description enables you to hire the right employee you need that will work effectively in the firm, fit in with the company ethos, and most importantly will successfully perform the duties of the job position you have available.

Here we will set out guildlines on how to write a comprehensive job description. 


Creating the right job description for the job you have available in your company is important, this is a detailed invitation to entice prospective employees to come work for you. The type of candidate that you entice depends on how the job description is written. Therefore it is important to release job ads that reflect the job position perfectly but also in a light that it is appealing to candidates. Companies releasing a job description ad must also remember that this is a statement from the company therefore reflects the image of the company to the public.

It all sounds like a daunting task but that's what we're here for, so sit back, relax and see how easy we have made this whole process for you, right here at Job Coconut.



Firstly it should be precise, effective and defines your needs, or what we like to call the K.I.S.S. approach (Keep. It. Simple. Stupid.) Don’t add extra unneeded information that the candidate doesn’t need.  Make it easy to read, use headings and bullet points. The language is important, don’t overcomplicate it with difficult jargon, and use keywords that will appeal to the candidate (e.g.) Opportunity, job progression, job security etc.  Keep to simple text type, size and colour. Create a draft ask for someone else’s view, and then make necessary changes.


Title- This should be a one liner.  Make it sound attractive but be accurate.

Reports to – (e.g.) Sales Manager/ Head of customer service

Job description– This will be more detailed, we you define the job opening. Candidates want to see what the requirements & responsibilities are, skills needed, do you train them, what is the working environment like there and benefits.

We recommend having each of these points as a sub heading with bullet points of information under each.

Ideal candidate- What attributes you want your employee to have along with the essential skills they need to have (e.g.) Goal driven, career driven, self-motivated etc

Experience - Number how many years of experience the candidate needs to have. Ask for specific experience (e.g.) 2 years of experience in customer service & support.

Skills/ Qualifications- Give the type third level degree needed and the grade achieved.  Define a list of essential skills. (e.g.) Understanding of Google analytics/ processing records/ MS Office etc

Compensation/benefits – Give salary amount, and any benefits that come with the job. (e.g.) Health insurance, company car etc.


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