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Top Ten Scary Jobs

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By Mark Kane

Published October 30th 2015

As we enter the Halloween weekend we at Job Coconut decided to find out what are the scariest jobs out there that you could apply for. To our surprise we came across a lot more jobs that just put the fear of god into us.

After much talk and screaming we have put together our top 10 scariest jobs. You might be surprised by one or two.  

10. Cemetery Worker

At first this job doesn’t sound that scary. However maintaining the grounds and ensure the cemetery is presentable for visitors is only part of the work. Another word for cemetery worker is gravedigger. This job is tough because not only to they need to create new plots for the recently deceased at times they need to open up occupied plots and if there is damage they need to deal with it. If your anyway superstitious then this job would freak right out.


9. Mortician

This was mentioned by a lot of the staff when first asked what they thought was a scary job. Imagine your entire day spent with the recently dead and having to carry out jobs like embalming a body. This is one tough job and certainly something we wouldn’t have the stomach for. send shivers down the spine just thinking about it.

8. Alaskan Crab Fisherman

Ok I’m sure by now you have all seen or at least heard of TV shows like Deadliest Catch and Wicked Tuna. They head out to roughest parts of the Atlantic Ocean in freezing temperatures and bring the fish/carb that you get in supermarket or in your favourite restaurant.

This is not a job for someone who likes working in a office or even on land for that matter.  This is a profession that has one of the highest fatalities rates.

For example in 2007 128 Alaskan Crab Fisherman died on the job. This 26 times more dangerous than your average job. Remember that next time you get a paper cut. 80% of the fatalities are due to hypothermia or being thrown overboard and drowning.

Check out this video from Discovery Channel.

7. Loggers 

Logging workers cut down and move trees and lumber to be used as raw materials in multiple industries. This job in way sounds cool. You get to work outdoors in nature enjoy the beautiful landscapes of the world. However all that natural beauty comes at a cost.

You have to work in remote areas with difficult terrains in all types. Yes that’s right if it rains or  snows your logging until sun comes down. Strong winds can affect how a tree falls so you need to on your toes when the time comes plus also be aware of from snakes, bears to poisonous plants. Also your hearing can be damaged so ear protection would be vital.  

In 2010 the fatality rate was 92 per 100,000 making loggers the 2nd most dangerous job in America. You’re 30 times more likely to die as logger than any other profession.

If you’re wondering yes they are always hiring new people. I wonder why! I think I will stay behind my desk and leave to those guys.

5. Miners

This is one tough job and one job we all watched on TV a few years ago that showed how scary and dangerous it truly is. In 2010 33 Chilean miners were trapped in a mine for a frightening 69 days. Thankfully they survived but that doesn’t ignore the fact that this is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. In 2010 the fatality rate was 38.7 per 100,000 workers which makes the 5th most dangerous job in the United States.

The story of the 33 Chilean miners has been made into a movie and will be released in Europe early 2016 and according to early reviews it looks amazing you can check out the blog here.

4. Microchip Manufacturers

Now this might be a surprise but  when you see what they deal with you will think again. Computer chips are created with numerous Hazardous chemicals including Arsenic.

Now the reason this is on the list is that while the effects are not immediate they can cause long term damage to your health such as cancer and respiratory illnesses.  As long as you follow all safety procedures you should be fine but scary none the less. 

3. High Rise Window Cleaner

Ever dread having to clean your kitchen windows on a Sunday morning? Well tell that to these guys. High rise window cleaners have a very dangerous job and it’s hard to think the job is to just clean windows. This job actually has a lot of safety in place which makes deaths and accidents minimal, however when accidents occur they tend to be fatal due to nature of the job.  The pay is good. On average €25 per hour but you want to pay me a lot more to do that job.

2. Tower Climber.

Now if you have a fear of heights and even if you don’t you will know already this job is crazy and it’s scary to think people do this job every day. Tower climbers jobs are to climb to crazy heights and perform inspections and repairs on top towers with just enough space just for your feet.

I don’t even need to explain this one anymore. Just watch this video and you will understand how scary this job is.   

sourced from YouTube.

1.Bomb Squad Technician

This has to be toughest job in the world without doubt. We all agreed this has to be number 1.

They must deactivate and remove any explosives. This is a job not just in military situations but in the general public. Most major cities will have a bomb disposal team on hand for situations. Basically when a suspicious package is found it is these guys jobs to walk in check it out and deal with it while we all run the other way.

These guys have my respect and how they keep it together in these situations is truly amazing.  


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