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What to do for a language job video Interview?

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By Mark Kane

Published 3rd November 2015

What to do for a language job video Interview?


Going for an interview can be a tough and nerve racking experience. Now imagine getting an interview for a job abroad and having to impress them from your kitchen table. At first you think that will be great no travel needed but as the day approaches you quickly realise you have less of an opportunity to impress and then the fear sets in.


Now don’t worry, everyone goes through this before the first video interview and we have you covered. At Job Coconut we spoke to the recruiters of a multilingual recruitment agency who have daily video interviews and we asked what they look for and what they teach their candidates before they go for a real video interview with the employer.


Tip 1: For the love of god wear a headset with a microphone.


Remember you have one chance to nail this interview so you want to make sure the employer can hear everything you’re saying especially if the job involves speaking in multiple languages. Laptop or tablet microphones can make you sound distorted and quiet plus make your voice sound grainy.


Microphones on devices also pick up other sounds in the room or house. So if your roommate is playing FIFA 16 next door and screaming at the TV that will distract you and the interviewer which can lead to poor interview and your chances gone for landing the job.


If your interview involves speaking more than one language then to maximise your chances and show off your amazing languages skills for the love of god use a headset. By doing this you will instantly show the interviewer you put more preparation into the video interview.


2. Your user ID speaks volumes.


Have you ever heard about people who changed their E-maill addrees because it didn’t look professional? Well the same goes for your user name on Skype. I know it sounds crazy but remember the whole reason you’re in a interview is to create an image of the employers ideal candidate and sending in a CV with skype details @geniehotpants can put you on the back foot before you even power up the laptop.


The recruiters always advise to set up an email for the purpose of finding a new job. So remember guys you have been warned.


3 Sharing the screen with the employer.


Now this all depends on the type of job interview. At times you may be asked to do a live test which allows the recruiter to view your work in real time. This is a great benefit of video interviews however remember not to have the employer about us page on the screen as this shows you  did not do basic research of the company which can be a real turn off for any employer. Employers want people who have the right skills which could everything from technical skills to language, but you also want to show how much you want to work for them.



4. Position is vital.


This is the most common mistake made by interviewees. This falls into preparation for the interview. Simply sitting at your kitchen table is not enough. You need to create image on the screen that provides a pleasant experience for the viewer. Here is some quick tips before you go live.


  1. Test your camera so you can see what the interviewer will see. Do not look like your looking down at them. By doing it can make you look arrogant and superior. Remember this will be the first time they see you it needs to a enjoyable experience from the start. To solve this just have your seat a little lower than your usual position.
  2. Be sure their is nothing distracting happening behind you. This can be very off putting for the interviewer and for you also, especially if nervous about the interview. Position yourself with your back to the wall and have no distractions in front that would run the risk of looking away from the screen.
  3. Finally be sure to check the camera lens for any smudges or blurs that would affect the image. Also be sure to have good lighting over your laptop.



5. Using your phone…...DON’T


Now we all know that smartphones have become our laptops in our pockets but never do a phone interview on a phone. It gives the wrong impression to the interviewer, the sound will pick up everything like you holding the phone and it shows the recruiter you did little preparation and your chances of a second interview are gone.  


Also NEVER EVER do a video interview via phone while commuting I think that is self explanatory. Once you follow these easy steps it’s all up to you and good luck with the interview.


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