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Dutch Speaking Jobs in Berlin and Munich


By Mark Kane

Published 7th December 2015


Dutch Speaking Jobs in Berlin and Munich

Before during and after the Economic downturn Germany has always been a popular choice for expats looking for a job abroad. Over 11 million people currently living in Germany are expats which means very 1 in 7 people working in Germany are from another country. 36% of these expats come from another EU country. The reason for such a large expat community is down to a few factors.


  • Germany has Europe’s largest national economy.

  • Germnay provides a High standard of living; health service and social services available to all citizens. 

  • Germany was largely unaffected by the global recession, therefore has seen low unemployment and prospered in recent years.


For many foreigners Germany has lots to offer. German employers provide the best working conditions in Europe. German employees have the highest salaries in Europe due to the qualifications and skills that are required for particular jobs. In some industries, full time working hours are at 35 hours per week plus up to 30 days off a year, nearly 40 days off if you include bank holidays.


Dutch speaking jobs can be found in most major German cities. Munich for many expats is the city of choice to due to quality of living ,weather and social scene in Munich. Berlin is also a huge expat hub for language jobs, especially Dutch Speaking Jobs. In areas like Potsdam in Berlin you will find jobs in IT Sector, Finance jobs and sales jobs in services industries. These companies are mainly in the IT gaming industry. These jobs would vary from  IT support jobs to business development jobs for Dutch speakers and other languages. Web developers would also be in demand. All jobs would require relevant qualifications, otherwise it can be very to tough to be hired.


Similar to the Czech Republic, these jobs come from mainly multinational companies like Paypal or start-ups via recruitment agencies.


Employers in Germany are actively seeking to find skilled talent to join their companies in Germany. instead of having smaller operations spread throughout. This is highly common with companies with 1-2  European offices. 


Without any doubt the future is bright for jobs in Germany. Job creation will continue to grow and employers will continue to recruit Dutch speakers amongst other languages to come to Germany.

Germany is an ideal location if you have the necessary qualifications and experience. For any Dutch graduates looking for 12 months abroad Germany has much to offer.



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