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Dutch Speaking Jobs in Dublin and Cork.

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By Mark Kane

Published: 10th December 2015

Ireland: Dutch Speaking Jobs in Dublin and Cork

Dublin is not only the capital of Ireland but also the home for many multinational companies like Microsoft, Google, LinkedIn and many more. Technology sector is a booming from an employment point of view in Dublin, Dundalk and Cork. With 170 companies based all over Ireland with 100’s of start ups setting up each year Dublin and Cork. Finding a Dutch speaking jobs should not be a problem with this much choice.


Most of the Dutch speaking jobs in Ireland are in Service industries. This means  IT support jobs and Customer service jobs are very common usually requiring a second language after English. If bilingual in any European language you will easily find job openings lookin for language skills. To most in demand languages are German and Dutch speakers. Another incentive if considering moving abroad is that German and Dutch speaking jobs have less competition compared to French, Spanish and Italian speaking jobs. This makes it a lot easier to find work plus give you more options when deciding where you want to get your career


Expats will be happy to know that working in Dublin and Cork  places them at the economic centre of Ireland. Job growth in Ireland over the last 3 years in particular has come from multinational companies setting up European operations in Ireland.


The IT sector is the biggest sector in Dublin with the big companies as Google, Dell, Amazon and Yahoo have headquarters in Dublin, Ireland. The financial sector also remains important, having attracted a lot of expats.

Dublin, Ireland River Liffey.











Companies are looking for certain specific skills like languages in new employees. So Dutch speakers, German speakers and other multilinguals have a better shot in finding jobs in DublinThere are about 1.8million people living in the greater Dublin, which is about 40% of the total population in Ireland. The number of new expats that choose to live in Ireland’s capital is substantial.


It is safe to say you won’t be the only one that is new in Dublin. Cork is the second largest city in Ireland with a main focus on the local industry which is specifically for pharmaceutical companies and IT. Pfizer and Apple have Subsidiaries and even European headquarters in Cork.


For Dutch Speaking jobs Ireland has much to offer. Not only can you find a job even for a year or two the quality  of jobs on offer can open highly successful career paths. If Ireland was not in your career plans then you better rethink that. To view what jobs are aviailable in Ireland just follow the link below. 





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