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Dutch Speaking Jobs in London


By Mark Kane

Published 9th Decemeber 2015

Dutch Speaking Jobs in London

If you're looking for Dutch Speaking Jobs in London but not sure what is available then check out our blog on what London has to offer.

London has been a popular destination for anyone looking for a new career in Europe. For decades London has been a home for international companies and long before cities like Dublin and Berlin. This is due to a large number of multinationals & small start-up companies setting up business in London which means that they are often looking for foreign multilingual talent. Dutch speaking Jobs, German jobs and other languages are all in increasing demand.


The top sectors for expats in London include computer programming, consultancy and the financial sector. The main openings for positions include software developers, social workers and many types of engineers. This is because London is one of the world’s leading financial centres for international business and commerce. Dutch speaking jobs would be highly probable in all these sectors.


London has an overwhelmingly service-based economy, with over 85% of the city’s population employed in these industries. The Media industry is a major employer in London; large broadcasters have headquarters set up in or around the city.


London has seen its technology sector grow quite markedly over recent years, and many big names can be found in East London Tech City, which is also known as Silicon Roundabout. So there is a lot of demand for tech savvy helpdesk employees with language skills to make sure customers are satisfied. Expats are perfect for these roles and Dutch speaking jobs amongst other languages are available.


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Tourism has also had a significant impact on London’s economic success. The city is attracting around 15 million international tourists each year and the industry employs around 226000 jobs that is 5% of the employment of London. So your next career could begin in tourism in London. These positions would involve having some experience minimum 6 months.


If tourism doesn’t interest you research, science, medicine and engineering are also prominent sectors, because of the fact that London also hosts a number of internationally renowned universities. This hosts an intellectually challenging climate for all expats. Again acquiring a job in these industries would involve having relevant qualifications


Businesses in London come in all shapes and sizes. From the large multinationals to small and Medium-sized companies, the business landscape of London is still fertile ground for all types of companies; London generates almost a quarter of the UK’s GDP. This is perfect for all expats it doesn’t mean there are only skill focussed jobs but also Dutch speaking jobs coming up everywhere so that there is more to choose from.

Over half of the FTSE 100 companies and over 100 of Europe’s largest companies are headquartered in London and around 75% of all fortune 500 companies have offices in the UK capital.


Working in London goes with a work hard, play hard mentality; luckily this also goes in the Netherlands and many other countries. So getting Dutch speaking jobs in London will not be so different than in the Netherlands. This is also for other countries who work with this mentality.


If you have a diploma or not there are many sectors you can work in London. London’s immensely dynamic creative industries contribute significantly to its economy and provide employment for many highly skilled staff working in London (5% of the country’s economy). Or if you are a starter customer service jobs or IT support could be the way to go.




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