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Dutch Speaking Jobs in Poland


By Mark Kane

Published: 2nd December  2015

Dutch Speaking Jobs in Poland

Searching for a Dutch Speaking jobs in Europe? Check out our career guide on what Krakow has to offer Dutch speakers in terms of language job opportunities.


Krakow in particular has become a popular destination for expats that head to Poland. Dutch Speaking jobs amongst other languages like German and French speaking jobs are common in Poland as more and more Multinational companies set up in Krakow.


Poland has one of the fastest growing economies. Since the fall of the communist government Poland has made incredible progress moving from a government controlled economy to a successful capitalist market economy. Also Poland was one of the few countries not to be affected by the financial crisis and by joining the European Union this has aided in Poland economic Development.


This has resulted in multinational corporations taking notice of Poland’s enticing business environment. Over half of the Fortune 100 companies have operations in Poland. The reason they move to Poland is down to companies investing resources in Poland because of its favourable GDP. Poland also offers a large and highly educated population, political stability and its geographical proximity to major markets make it to hard to ignore.


These factors have caused a shift in the types of businesses that are heading to Poland. Whilst once considered a manufacturing hub, the country is now emerging as a destination for business services, business process outsourcing (BPO) and information technology outsourcing (ITO) companies. BPO and ITO centres established by foreign companies in Poland provide 45 percent of all jobs in the sector. Jobs at shared services centres (SSCs) and research and development centres account for 35 percent and 20 percent of the total employment in the sector respectively.


Language skills are the key if looking for a job in Poland. English and German would be the second language that native Polish people would speak. If you want a job Dutch Speaking jobs in Poland that offers you good salary, good quality of life and career options in the future you will need languages skills and relevant qualifications in your chosen industry to be considered.


Jobs in Poland which need languages skills and relevant qualifications would be in marketing, logistics and IT Jobs. This is not exclusive to Dutch speakers. The same would apply to people looking for French or German speaking jobs. You can also find opportunities in banking, tourism, transportation which consist of customer service jobs both at junior and management level.


Other cities in Poland that have Dutch speaking jobs would be Wroclaw, Poznan and Katowice  However Krakow would be the main hub for Dutch speaking jobs plus other languages in Poland.





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