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Dutch Speaking Jobs in Prague


By Mark Kane

Published: December 4th 2015 

Czech Republic - Dutch Speaking Jobs in Prague

Want a Dutch Speaking job in Europe? Check out our career guide on what Prague has to offer Dutch speakers in terms of language job opportunities.

For expats in Czech Republic Prague seems to be the city of choice. This is due to international companies setting up European operations in Prague which means they will be hiring to fill multiple language roles or a regular basis.


In the last 20 years Czech Republic has seen employment no longer dependent on just the industrial industry but to a more service orientated industry. Jobs in Prague for expats are common in sectors such as pharmaceuticals, printing, food processing, international customer  support, computer technology and electrical engineering, all attract expats seeking employment. Financial services, commercial services, trade, restaurants and accommodation, and public administration are other sectors that account for foreign jobs in Prague.


Dutch Speaking Jobs are very common in Prague in most of these industries especially in Customer Support for IT companies and in the Finance industry. Jobs vary from Junior positions to management positions and offer career progression plus excellent financial packages to entice you to Czech Republic. The same goes for German Speaking Jobs and French Speaking.


It is not only large multinationals that are creating these expat jobs in Prague. The Start-up scene in prague is big player in expat recruitment. These jobs are in the IT sector mainly in bilingual IT Support plus jobs for Web Developers. Similar to the larger companies they periodically have Dutch Speaking jobs in prague throughout the year so well worth checking out.  


If It is not your thing the service industry is always looking for bilingual speakers. You can easily find a company or recruitment agency to fill Dutch speaking jobs as sales consultants, Account Managers and telemarketers. Unlike the IT sector you do not need a degree in a specific industry. Your language skills plus previous experience will be enough to be noticed by employers and recruiters.


Now if you’re looking for a marketing job in Europe Czech Republic is worth considering as opportunities often come up in Prague and Brno. These jobs would not be as common plus you will need a high level of English. An easy option would be to find a job in customer support or sales while you search for the job you really want. For jobs like marketing you will have a better chance at getting the job if you already live in the city.


If you want to start your Job search check out Dorset Recruitment and Reed Global they recruit for Dutch speaking jobs in Prague and Brno all year round.






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