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Top 10 Buzzwords not to use on your CV

Published by Mark Kane
27th January 2016

Top 10 Buzzwords not to use on your CV


No matter what language jobs in Europe you apply for Buzzwords can easily kill your chances of a job abroad. Check out what Buzzwords to avoid putting in your CV.

Something you never want a recruiter to say about your CV is that’s it’s full of buzzwords. Buzzwords are all too commonly seen in CV’s and quickly put recruiters off as it shows you’re not giving an accurate description of yourself. This can be the reason your CV is thrown in the recycle bin and never called back.

So do you know what buzzwords were talking about? Well odds are you’re using them right now but genuinely didn’t realise your CV is full of them.


LinkedIn have put together to the Top 10 Buzzwords not to use on our CV.


  1. Motivated

  2. Creative

  3. Enthusiastic

  4. Track record

  5. Passionate

  6. Successful

  7. Driven

  8. Leadership

  9. Strategic

  10. Extensive experience 


Remember be original and keeping to the facts is what recruiters want to see. If they feel your CV is over the top they can move onto the next CV. Keep it honest, to the point and recruiters will be more attracted to that and be lining up to call you for jobs.


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