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Top 10 Interview Questions for 2016 you need to know.

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Published February 2nd 2016.

​Written By Mark Kane.

Top 10 Interview Questions for 2016 you need to know.


We spoke with Careertrotter, a leading multilingual recruitment agency who place candidates all across Europe, about what the big interview questions are that candidates get wrong. We put together the top 10 plus give advice on how best to answer if these questions come up for you.  


1 Question: Tell us about you and what brought you to this interview today?

Answer: If you had a job interview in the past then you must have got this question. This is all about making a good first impression. Be careful; this answer is time sensitive. Try to answer this within 3-5 minutes. If you give a 30 second answer it can show you haven’t prepared and can you show your not interested in job. Never underestimate this question.


2 Question: Why do you want this job with us?

Answer: Similar to the first question, this question will show the interviewer how much you’re interested in the job. This is where you show how well you researched the company and that you  have a clear what idea what the company is trying to achieve. Your answer should also include how the company is the right fit for you in relation to career path at this stage. However do not bring up the job you have or the job you’re interviewing for as that will come up later.


3 You have never done a job like this before, why do you think you will succeed?

Answer: This can be a question that can throw you off so you need to be prepared. To key to this question is to show what qualities you have that will benefit the company if you have the job. Explain using an example how your experience is an advantage in relation to the job.


4 Question:  Is there anything in the Job description you have no experience in or a skill you’re weak on?  

Answer: Now this question is rare but does come up. The wrong answer is here is usually “No, I am excellent at everything you need to fill this role”. The interviewer wants to see honesty, but also wants to know what skills you feel weaker on and if you want have thought critically about improving your skills. Companies have no problem if you do not fit the full criteria set out in the job description, but want to see your willingness to work and to grow.


5 Question: Why are you looking for another job?

Answer: This question is to give the interviewer an idea of why you are moving on from your current position. They want to know if looking for a new job has been a part of your career plan or if something has changed to make you leave unexpectedly. The key to this question is simple, explain why you have decided now is the time to move on and never give negative comments about your current employer and you will be fine.


6 Question: Can you handle criticism?

Answer  This answer shows your attitude to work and how you deal with being critiqued. This kind of question is best answered by using examples of when you took criticism and used it to improve the outcome next time around.


7 Question: Can you relocate?

Answer: If the job in question involves moving abroad then you need to be prepared for this and that your answer is air tight. Recruiters will not consider you for a job abroad if they feel you are not 100% interested in moving abroad. If you want to move abroad be sure to explain why you want to take a job abroad.


8 Question: Do you have hobbies and interests?

Answer: This is a great opportunity to show the interviewer what kind of person you are outside of work. Share your interests. If you play football for a Sunday league team and are team captain, this will show you’re comfortable with leadership. These questions give key indicators to recruiters about your personality so sure to be prepared for this question beyond a basic, one line answer.


9  Question: Where do you see yourself in 2 years?

Answer: This question is about showing what your goals are in the long term and short term. Talk about your big career goals and how you feel this job will get you to your goal.


10 Question: Have you any questions for us?

Answer: ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS have one or two questions to ask at the end of the interview. If you can’t think of any try these.


  • How many people would I be working with on a day to day basis?

  • What is an average day here like?

  • Does the company encourage career progression? Can you move up within the company?


This is just a sample of the questions on offer, but these are highly common and these questions have been known to throw candidates off so be prepared.


If you want more tips and advice check out our blog section here.


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