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Jobs in Europe Writing a Great CV

Jobs In Europe

Jobs in Europe: Writing a Great CV

By Mark Kane

March 18th 2016

Searching for jobs in Europe can be tough and take some time. Truthfully not all recruiters will get back to you so to make sure your not wasting your time make sure your CV is the best it can be. That two page document is your advertisement to employers and if you want to achieve your career goals then you need to have a great CV when a applying for jobs in Europe


Personal Statement

This is your opening statement these few lines could be the difference in the recruiter reading your CV or not. The objective here is to give the recruiter a reason to continue reading your resume. Avoid talking about being ambitious and hardworking. Give practical reasons. Mention that your current role and experience to date makes you ideal for this role and worthy of a job interview.


Experience/Education - Education/Experience

This is debated amongst recruiters about which should appear first on your resume. The best way to approach this is by looking at how far into your career path you currently are. If you’re a graduate and looking for your first job in Europe then education history should go first followed by work experience. Be sure to have education in chronological order from most recent to oldest.


However if you had a few jobs in your profession already and the new role is the next step in your career then put experience ahead of education as it will show you are ready for the role and have experience to back it up. Education becomes less relevant when you clearly have the work experience.


Work Experience

When writing this section you need to tailor your experience to reflect the role on offer. If the role you’re going for is in IT Support. Make sure you mention how your experience is connected to IT. Show how your experience relates to the role. If you just say you role was dealing with customer issues that doesn’t give the recruiters details. Remember add detail but do not be long winded.


Gaps in your CV

If you have gaps in your work history do not be afraid and explain why. If you went travelling or just a year away from working be honest. This shows that you have taken time out and now ready to get back to work and determined to start your career.


Interests & Hobbies

Keep this short and sweet. Keep it to one or two lines. If you play sports like Football or Rugby mention briefly if for a team or just for leisure but do not go into much detail.


Language Skills

If you’re working abroad and your job requires specific language skills be sure to mention them at the top of the CV. Only mention languges you speak that you're fluent  or near fluent at. If you say you can Speak German and Dutch but only to order a coffee that will not be good enough so do not add to your CV.


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