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St. Patrick’s Day for Expats


By Mark Kane

March 15th 2016

St. Patrick’s Day for Expats

The Irish around the world are known to be friendly, fun and ambitious people. For these reasons and many others the Irish culture is one of the few that have weaved itself into other cultures across the world and have made the Irish holiday of St Patrick’s Day a truly global event.

We look at the top cities in Europe and show how they will be celebrating this coming week.   

Czech Republic

From Prague to Ostrava there will be great celebrations for St.Patrick’s Day. These will be  smaller in scale compared to UK and Ireland but the Irish Embassy in Czech Republic will be organising a number of events to cover the event.

Full list of bars in Czech Republic  


If you have already have a Jobs in Spain then you know Barcelona is where you need to be on March 17th. The city goes green and every Irish Bar in the city becomes the hottest places in town to celebrate. Sadly there is no parade but that is easily made up for the all day party sessions taking place across the city.

Click for Irish Bars in  Barcelona


The Munich Irish and anyone who wants to be Irish for the day have much to do in Munich.

The St .Patrick’s Day Festival started March 13th with one of the largest parades in Europe. The reason for the large parade is due to the large Irish expat community working in Germany. The Parade is organised by the German - Irish Society of Bavaria and has been held with huge success since 1996. Munich already had their parade check out highlights below and don’t worry there is more celebrations coming.  

United Kingdom

Birmingham is the place to be on St. Patrick’s Day. According to the organisers it is the 3rd largest parade in the world after Dublin and New York. London also host a parade where you will also find the largest community of Irish expats.

If a day of celebration is not enough then manchester is the place to be as they hold a festival up to 2 weeks. This is also the largest festival in UK.


Obviously the best place to be on March 17th is Ireland.  2016 marks the 21st year of the Festival Running from march 17th until Sunday 20th. Parades take place all across the country so wherever you are you will be covered. Dublin will the centre of the celebrations with parts of the cites converted into Funfairs. Multiple Tour guides will be taking place also which can be taken by foot, bike or even viking ship.

For full details on all events this St. Patricks Day check out

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