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Top 5 Job Interview Tips 2016

Top 5 Interview Tips2016

Top 5 Job Interview Tips

By Mark Kane

March 10th 2016

1. Research the job and the company

One of the few questions that is guaranteed to be asked in a job interview will be “what do you know about the company”. Make sure you do your homework and research the company and show you understand the company goals and show how the role you applied for help the company reach those goals. It will show that you can the see the bigger picture and show interest in the company and not just the job.


2. Practice your answers

There is no one way to answer interview questions, but it does help to practice your answers to get yourself in the zone of answering questions. Example could be If you’re told you will be asked competency questions then you need to prepare answers showing examples relevant to the job. The most common questions will focus on how you dealt with a tough situation, working in teams and a positive change you implemented that brought results. SO get your practising.


3. Dress Professionally if needed

If we like it or not our appearance can make an impression before we ever speak. So making the effort for the job interview is still important. However in today’s job market especially jobs in IT and online marketing a more casual look may be more beneficial. When called for an interview ask what the dress code is or check out the company culture by reviewing the website and if you can speak to an employee via LinkedIn. For some IT companies the dress code is casual and are happy for candidates to dress similar. For once dressing up could be a deal breaker so it is worth checking it out.


4. Avoid being rushed for job interview

If you’re the kind of person who comes into work every morning at 8.59 and 59 seconds odds are you will do similar for the interview. Habits are tough to break but for an interview you need to break it. Especially if the job interview is located in another part of town you don’t travel to often. The last thing you need is to be delayed and call to say your late this will put you on the back foot before you even enter the room. Be sure to plan your route and give extra time to travel in the event of a delay plus you will want to those final few minutes to gather your thoughts and go through your game plan.


5. Ask questions

You should always have questions ready this is 100% guaranteed to be asked at the end of the interview. This shows the interviewer you have thought about the role and give a better longer lasting impression.

Common questions to ask in a job interview:


  1. What is a typical day like in the office?
  2. In this role who would I be answering to directly?
  3. Would this role involve working alone or within a team?
  4. How many people will I be working for?
  5. How will I be judge if I had this role?






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