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Customer Service Interview Questions - What You Need To Know

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Have an interview for a customer service job coming up? Not to worry we’ve gone and done some of the hard work for you. Below you will find a number of questions that you could be asked in a customer service interview. There are those out there that take this type of job for granted, but they really shouldn’t. People see Customer Service jobs as a job that will tide them over until something better comes along. 
Interviews are tricky enough, you certainly don’t want to underestimate the importance of customer service agents and after reading this blog you will no longer underestimate a Customer Service Interview again – We Hope.

Did you know that working in Customer Service can help you climb the career ladder quicker than the usual roots?
It sure can, because many employers choose to hire from within, they look for hard working and dedicated employees worthy of a promotion – So working in Customer Service could really help your career.

Do you know why?

As a Customer Service Agent you work closely with customers and clients (depending on your job), you get to know the company inside out, you know its systems, processes and how its customers tick. Working in Customer Service – you are the face of the company. An employer would see this kind of experience as pure gold!

Ready or Not here are the top 10 Customer Service Interview Questions you can be asked – Prepare them wisely!

  1. What do you know about a ticketing System?

  2. Do you work well within a team and/or on your own?

  3. How would you deal with an unhappy customer?

  4. Why Should I hire you for this Customer Service Job?

  5. Have you tried our product and/or service? If so what do you think about it?

  6. What is it you like most about working in Customer Service?

  7. What are your main strengths and weaknesses when it comes to working with customers?

  8. Tell me about a time that you couldn’t help solve an issue for a customer? What did you do to handle this situation?  

  9. What would you do to promote an excellent customer service/experience for our customers?

  10. What type of targets have you worked with before and how did you do with them?

If you tuned in for our last blog, I’ll bet you picked up on the different types of interview questions you are being asked above. If you didn’t, have a quick click to our ‘Types of Interview questions’ today and see if you can spot the difference.

Keep in Mind – These questions can be asked in various ways so don’t get flustered in the interview, just breathe and relax - you’ll be fine. 

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