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How to stay Motivated at Work

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When it comes to staying motivated at work – it’s a hill we just can’t climb from time to time. It’s not anyone’s fault – we’ve all been there. Even the most motivated of employees can experience this. When the slump hits try out our 6 sure fire ways to get motivated in work Now.


  • Don’t overload yourself

Don’t overdo it – when you sit down in the morning make a plan that is realistic for the day ahead. Leave yourself time for any unsuspected events and plan your day down to the second. This way you are ready for what the day has to bring and you are not bogged down with so many tasks. You’ll yourself get through more and more as the days go by because you are an organising ninja.



  • Be your own cheerleader

When you are having a bad day at work, it’s easy to let yourself believe all the negative things you tell yourself. Doing this is counterproductive – you will achieve less and your work will suffer. Remind yourself of all the reasons you are where you are today, why your boss hired you, of all your hard work up to this point. Reminding yourself of all the negative things about yourself gets nothing done – get happy, get productive – Get Motivated.


  • '’You just wana make you Sweat’’

Without getting too technical – we all know that exercise releases endorphins that make us feel better and happier. Why not turn the office into your secret gym? Turn it into a game – when you go for a cuppa or to the restroom – try and fit as many jumping jacks or squats in, maybe even jog on the spot while you are waiting for the kettle to boil.


  • Build a Support Network

Remember all those lovely people you might avoid in the office but you always give a smile to when you walk past? They could be vital to building your motivation cheer squad. Get to know them, go for a walk, have lunch together – maybe even let them in on your secret routine when you boil the kettle.

Those you work with know what you go through on a daily basis, why not share your day with them, build some friendships and build your support network in the office.


  • Take a look at what you’ve done already

When it comes to staying motivated at work, it’s always a good idea to look at what you have accomplished already. Doing so will spur you on for the rest of the day.

Never focus on what you have yet to do, keep the light on what you have done already and that is sure to keep you motivated all day long.


  • Snacking

We’ve all felt it – the mid-afternoon slump. Tiredness has crept in and you want to go home to bed. It’s not uncommon – what you need to do to get over this is take 5 minutes away from the desk grab a drink and bring some snacks back to your desk.

Obviously the best would be to bring back some fruit and nuts but hey – to each their own – whatever snack suits you.




We are sure that by doing at least one of the previous points will help you in keepiong your motivation up in the office. let us know how you get on and if you have any tips yourself that keep you going. 


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