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Working abroad in London.

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Working abroad in London


If you’re looking for jobs in London you need to make sure that you will be able to live in London to a standard you will like. According to the United Kingdom has the 5th highest cost of living in Northern Europe. London is one of the busiest cities in the world. If you grew up in a small town which has a slower more relaxed pace which you love then maybe London needs to be reconsidered. These are just two of the many factors a jobseeker faces when deciding to take a job abroad.



​​If you have friends in London I’m sure you’re aware that renting in London is expensive. Like any city the closer you live to the city centre the more expensive it will be. On average if you wanted to have your own place in London city centre a 1 bed apartment would cost  £1678.63. If you’re willing to travel from one of the suburbs then a 1 bed apartment will cost £1165.10 on average.  With space at a premium sharing a house or apartment will be the most realistic choice and on average cost will be £1100 living in city centre and £670 living further away.



London has one of the best transportation networks in Europe. The London underground subway can easily get you across London with relative ease. If your new job in London is across the city odds are the underground and bus service will be how you will travel to work. In London you can get a monthly travel pass averaging  £130 per month.



Utility costs in London are higher than most EU cities. On average £146.83 per month will be the cost to cover all major utilities. The good news is that all major utilities are in highly competitive markets so finding a good deal can be done so get prepared. Ideally start your prep before you make the move over. The same goes for mobile phone packages. Overall savings can be made on sim only plans assuming you already had a mobile device that is network free.



London is a fantastic city to live in. From the 1000’s of restaurants and bars all across the city plus  the westend on your doorstep London offers much in terms of socialising with friends and work colleagues after work.


On average the cost for a meal in a mid range restaurant in London consisting of 2 people having a 3 course meal with set you back on average £50.00 and a beer in London on average costs £4 for 500ml of draught beer. Saying that imported beers and drinks specials are highly common so a good deal won’t be hard to find.


These are just some of  the primary factors a jobseeker looking for a job in London needs to consider before making the move over. In terms of what career opportunities there are in London, Jobs in Customer Service and Sales which require a second language are very popular. They will offer full time employment and depending on language you speak will determine how much competition the job will have.


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