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by Mark Kane

4th May 2016


For some people it is common to avoid looking for a new job simply because they are afraid of speaking  in a interview situation. If you’re applying for a job in Dublin or Prague the nerves do not change so you need to have a handle on your nerves to land that new job. The Job Coconut team has put together a list of quick tips you can do to help battle the nerves for the interview.  


Don’t speak too fast

For me personally this was always an issue and it is very common for anyone nervous doing interviews. Being nervous makes you want to speed up and get through the job interview as quick as possible but this can give a bad impression to the employer. So what you do is simple breathe in and breathe out through your nose for a count of three. Repeat this three times. By doing this it will lower your heart rate and will find that you will not rush through the interview.


Stop yourself shaking

Does your legs move up and down when nervous and to the point where you don’t even notice. This will sound odd but the solution is to squeeze your buttocks or your thigh muscles. It's almost physically impossible to have shaky hands if your buttocks or your thigh muscles are clenched. This technique will help you feel and appear more confident – and most clothes will completely mask your actions.


Stop that shaky voice

You want to show you’re confident to fill the job you’re interviewing for and having a shaky voice doesn’t help matters. The trick here is to open your throat by sticking your tongue out as far as it will go, and try to say the whole of the Humpty Dumpty nursery rhyme out loud. This will open the back of the throat and you'll sound more confident and have more authority. Of course, you should do this before the interview – not in front of your future employer.


Stand up while you wait

You will often be shown into a boardroom before an interview and offered a seat while you wait. Don't take it. You don't want their first impression of you to be struggling up out of a chair, so stay standing. You'll look more confident if you are on their level as you first meet them.


Be Handsy

Body language is key to having a good interview. It has been proved that we are much more likely to get a job if we have our hands visible on the table in front of us rather than hiding them under the table. Showing our hands is a sign of honesty.


Make the other person feel special

The interview is about you of course but remember you need to show the employer some love. Remember to ask questions about the company show them that you’re excited by the idea of joining the business. This will also help your nerves as this is one part you will have control of. By focusing on this you will be more relaxed going in and perform better for the interview.



Being nervous can be distracting and one of the best ways to battle the nerves is to focus on the people that are interviewing you. Slow down your body's natural responses and listen – it will also help to make the other person feel special and show you value their question.


Use your own voice

Try to use your own voice rather than putting on a formal public speaking voice. Often this is as simple as not speaking too loudly. Speak as if you were talking with a group of friends. Otherwise you will need to speak like that all the time which can never be a good thing.


Don’t be something you’re not.

If we are being ourselves when meeting other people, we will come across as relaxed, authentic and confident. Try to use words you usually use.

So, enjoy the interview and be proud of your achievements – you're already on the shortlist so they must think pretty highly of you already. Remember to slow down, listen and be yourself. If you do that, you'll come across as relaxed, authentic and confident. Job done.


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