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Accounting Interview Questions

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It’s all about the numbers! If you are a player of the numbers game or you are trying to get into it – we can help you get there.

Accounting interviews can be tricky – it’s not like they can ask you to complete an income statement in the interview so the questions can be a little trickier in order to try and see how skilled you are in this game of numbers.

Of course there are various different types of Accounting Jobs such as:

  • Account Receivables/Payables
  • General Ledger
  • Credit Analysis etc.

If we ran through all of the individual interview questions for each sector – we’d be here for a while. Our plan today is to give you a quick checklist of all of the general accounting interview questions so that all you need to do after that is run through the interview questions specific to your sector.

Ready for them? Ok let’s get started

1.What financial Experience do you have to date?

2.What have you learned from your mistakes in previous accounting jobs?

3.What is the current tax rate of the country you are living in?

4.What is meant by the term working capital and deferred taxes?

5.If you could only pick one, what stock would you pick and why would you pick that one?

6.What do you know about our industry, our competitors etc.? (Just to make sure you’ve done your homework on the financial history of the industry you would like to work in).

7.What departments would you have worked with in the past when collecting any financial data?

8.Where do you think interests rate will be in a year from now?

9.What conditions would have to be met for a company to prefer a debt over equity finance?

10.What kind of targets did you have to deal with in your last accounting job?

Feel prepared? Are you ready for you next Accounting Interview?

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