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IT Interview Questions - Interview Questions for IT Jobs

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With going for an interview when it comes to IT jobs, things can get a little trickier in comparison to the likes of Customer Service or a sales interview. But hey what interview doesn’t have its own flair?

First of all, IT Jobs (especially IT Development) are all about the skills – you don’t go for an interview if you don’t have the skills – it’s just madness. The only time you could possibly get away with it is for IT Support jobs – some companies will take you in and train you once you have an interest in IT or perhaps previous experience in Customer Service.

When it comes to IT interview questions – whether it be for IT Support jobs or IT Development jobs there will be certain questions for each and then there will be the odd one that will be more specific to the company thrown in. We’re afraid that we can only help you have way through. However, if you know your answers to the following questions then the ones that are thrown in should not be a problem.

What we’ve done below is split the interview questions between IT Support interview questions and IT Development interview questions. What’s great is that some of the questions below where interview questions that a number of candidates have been asked before in relation to various IT jobs across Europe. – How do we know this? -We have some recruiter friends who give us some great tips.

If you are soon to sit an interview for either sector – Best of luck and we hope we helped.

IT Support/Technical Support Interview Questions

1. What would you check into if LCD was not working?

2. How would you change the proxy settings?

3. Tell me how you would check the IP address of a computer?

4. How would you check why the wireless connection was not working?

5. How do you delete internet history and cookies?

IT Development Interview Questions

1. IT Development Interview Questions

2. What programming languages have you used? i.e. Java, HTML, C++ etc.

3. Do you have any experience in Coding and/or testing?

4. Would you have a portfolio of applications that you have built or perhaps codes that you have created?

5. Talk to me about the last project you’ve worked on – one that you were proud of the outcome and one where you were not so happy of the outcome. What was done well was there anything that would have changed?

Above was just a quick taste of what you can expect to hear in the majority of IT interview questions. Of course as we said there are going to be interview questions that will be added in that are more specific to the IT job that you are applying for.

We hoped we’ve helped in your prep for the IT interview with our quick checklist of interview questions.

Best of luck in the interview and hey if it doesn’t go well – why not check out all of our IT jobs around Europe Now.

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