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Marketing Interview Questions - Interview Preparation

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It’s time for the next instalment of our interview questions series and this week we are focusing in on marketing and the interview questions that goes along with that.


When you go and sit an interview for a marketing job the interview is not just looking to see how qualified you are, they are also trying to bring out your personality – to get an idea about you as a person.  Why?

Working in Marketing means that it’s your job to help build brand awareness and help display the company culture and personality, all to help boost their reputation and make them a desirable employer.  Naturally they will want someone who can fit well with them and help them with these tasks. – What to take from that? – Be Yourself.

Of course being yourself is not something you can practise – you know more about you than anyone. What you may need to run through before the interview is some marketing related interview questions – which is why we are really here today.


Marketing Interview Questions:


1. Difference between offline and online?

2. What blogs do you follow? this is mainly to try and see how up to date you are with the industry and if you follow fellow marketers.

3. Talk to me about white hat and black hat SEO?Basically White hat good – Black Hat Bad, but you will need to go into more detail of course.

4. Why are Backlinks so important?They lay the foundation of great SEO duh…

5. Run me through your last AdWords campaign. Well you know that better than us so off you go.

6. What tools would you use to track your rankings?

7. What where your previous marketing targets? Did you reach them and how?  - Talk about your strategies here.

8. What do you do in order to stay up to date with marketing techniques? Possibly some marketing guru blogs, networking events etc.?

9. Have you ever had to work with an advertising budget? How did you manage and prioritise certain aspects?

10What do you think you can bring to the company?



There you are our top 10 Marketing Interview Questions to help you prepare and prepare well for your next interview.

Let us know how you go on and if there are any questions you think should be added.


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