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7 Quirky Job Applications that will grab a recruiter’s attention


Are you hunting for jobs? Have you sent numerous job applications to companies and never heard back? This could be due to the fact that the companies get lots of applications every day. So recruiters don’t have a lot of time to look at each and every CV - Did you know that the average time spent by recruiters looking at a CV is 5-7 seconds?

Do you know how you can avoid that? By being creative - Let your job application stand out! Here are some great examples of creative Job Applications we have found. Some are maybe a little over the top but most of them worked out for the candidate. So next time you apply for a job you might want to try being a little creative yourself.

  • Étienne Duval

The 30- year old architect Étienne Duval created probably one of the most creative Job Applications we have seen. He wanted to work for the architecture company BIG and instead of sending in a boring old CV and Cover Letter he decided to write a rap. He even created a witty and fun video. Of course we have to share this video with you - so here you go

  • Lucia Paul

When freelancer Lucia Paul decided to send out job applications she put a lot of effort in it. She decided to create a whole doodled book to show her illustration skills to future employers. From the outside it might seem quite simple but on the inside it is full of detailed doodles and illustrations which she all created from scratch. And it seems to work because she got job offers from Smart (the cars), Lycra and Staples.

  • Rob Jervis

Rob Jervis had the same problem a lot of us have when it comes to Job Applications:

"I handed out and emailed way more conventional CVs than I can remember, and got a response from about two or three of those.” So he got creative which in the end led to a paid internship which resulted in a full time job. What he did was, he turned his CV into a box of chocolates and even made the chocolates himself.

  • Emma Hopkins

Emma Hopkins also created a little box to send out to possible employers. But instead of chocolates she packed it full of little badges and an entire catalogue with her skills and experiences. If this isn’t self promotion every company would like to receive then we don’t know what is.

  • Féilim Mac An Iomaire

This Irishman spend a lot of money on his Job Application. He posted a billboard on a busy road in South Dublin where is asking employers to save him from emigration. The young Marketing graduate knew that if he didn’t get a job soon he would have to consider emigrating. Luckily for him this ad landed him a job and he didn’t have to leave the Emerald Isle.

  • Andrew Grinter and Lee Spencer-Michaelsen

These two Australians had a created a great plan to get hired - they called it the “Creative Ransom”. They approached some leading creative directors in Melbourne by purchasing their domain names and leaving them digital ransom notes demanding a job interview. And it worked - but have a look for yourself:

  • Ed Hamilton

Ed Hamilton was an unemployed copywriter in London looking for new job opportunities. But instead of sending out regular CVs he created a CV on Google Maps. He put up coloured pins with a description of all his previous experiences. Since he had an international background in digital advertising this was a great way to get the attention of companies.

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