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Why Employees Leave Their Jobs

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More often than not, when you hear employers talk about staff turnover, they talk about how costly it can be for them. It is certainly true – an employer can lose quite a substantial amount of money when you think of:

  1. Employee leaving = Loss in productivity
  2. Holiday Pay
  3. Cost of using job boards and recruitment agencies in order to source another employee fit for the job.
  4. Training in of the new employee

And in the end, worrying whether or not they are the right fit and if they will stay once the probation period is over. If not the employer faces even more costs with having to go through the entire process again.

Although these are all valid points and certainly factors worth worrying about – employers need to take a step back and try to gain an understanding as to why they are losing employees in the first place – ‘’There’s no smoke without fire’’

Below are a number of factors that have employees leaving your company -The hope here today is to highlight the issues so that you don’t lose your companies most valuable asset – Your Employees.

Overworked Employees:

This could be down to a number of reasons – one being that there are not enough people in the office for the workload that is given to them – this can lead to employees stressing over reaching deadlines, knowing that mistakes can be made and that they now need to work longer hours for the same pay.

Another could be a rather complimentary fact – employers are always going to want the best employee for the job, so naturally they will assign them more tasks as a sign of trust and confidence in the employee. However, employees may have a totally different read on a situation like this -they may feel overworked and pressured to achieve each time or they may even feel like they are being punished – especially if the employer neglects to acknowledge their hard work.

How Can I fix this?

Increasing an employee’s status and/or pay could help combat losing a great asset to the team, perhaps adding some extra holiday days to their benefits

Lack of Acknowledgement & Reward for a Job Well Done:

Everyone likes to hear that they’ve done a good job – in fact if you think about it have you kept up the same level of quality in other aspects of life for someone who can’t show the slightest bit of gratitude? How can you expect your employees to do so then?

How Can I fix This?

There is no harm is asking employees what they would prefer – ‘’How would you like to be rewarded’’? – You’d be surprised, s simple pat on the back or perhaps some public recognition might do the trick.

Company Culture:

It may not be on the top of the list as to why employees leave their job – but it’s certainly up there.  How long would you stay in a company that doesn’t offer extra’s such as office events and activities, celebrations and team building exercises?  Employees are spending the majority of their day in the office – no one wants to come into a dreary office to colleagues they don’t really know and feel uncomfortable.

How can I fix this?

Try getting the team involved in a little exercise – to personalise the office, to come up with new ideas on what to do when monthly targets are hit. Perhaps go out for a few beers on a Friday night or bring lunch in for the team, as this will promote bonding and build office relationships.

Lack of Opportunities to Grow:

Everyone wants to climb the ladder; no one wants to be stuck in a dead end job with no end in sight – depressing right? Productivity and office moral decreases and employees untimely leave their jobs.

How can I Fix this?

When you have a new starter – make it clear just how quick they can make their way up the ladder, what needs to be achieved and some tips on how they can do so. Instead of hiring externally – look to your current work force, who knows the company better then someone who has been here 2-3 years?

You – The Employer:

‘’Employees don’t quit their job, they quit their boss’’ – over numerous surveys carried by many in the recruitment industry they found this interesting fact. What is it you could be doing that is driving great employee’s out the door?

Are you stifling employee’s creativity, their chance to grow? Are you too controlling or perhaps micromanage that bit too much?

How Can I fix this?

Look for some feedback from your employees – obviously make it anonymous otherwise you will not get truthful feedback if they think what they say is going to come back on them. Let them know that you are open to change and welcome some helpful criticism – you will notice that your employees will become more understanding and patient with you on your road to success.

There you have it – the top reasons that we have found why employees leave their jobs – You are now armed with some great hints and tips on how to keep a happy office and most importantly how to keep a hold of some valuable skills and experience.

Do with this what you will – Just remember – With great knowledge, comes great responsibility

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