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Working abroad in Your Vacation Destination

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Dorset Recruitment is an internationally focused agency, dedicated to providing fast and effective solutions to clients seeking employees and offering jobs in the Czech Republic. They have recently published an interesting article about working abroad in Prague. We would like to take this opportunity to share this article with you and we think that working in Prague sounds like a great opportunity! See for yourself: 

Work and Live in Your Vacation Destination

Making progress in your career can be challenging nowadays. Your dream job doesn’t always exist in the city you live in. Even if you have already started working, it is not always easy to balance work, friends, children, family and free time activities equally. Thinking about going on holiday may be difficult because at the end of the month your salary is already gone up in smoke.

Why don’t you reverse the problem and make your holiday destination the same as your place of work?

Prague has a lot to offer and above all a lot of work opportunities. The unemployment rate in Czech Republic is the lowest in the European Union according to Eurostat, and Prague in particular is lower than the rest of the country.
Many international companies are actually based in Prague, offering a wide range of job opportunities in areas such as HR, IT, Finance, Sales, and much more. Most jobs do not require an understanding of Czech language and many of these companies are struggling to fill their vacancies with talented people. This can put you in a good position and gives you the potential to get started in a higher position than you may have thought possible. Take the opportunity to develop your career more quickly and easily! Additionally teaching your own language might be a good job opportunity for you.

Prague also offers you a high standard of living. While your salary will probably be lower than in London, Berlin or Paris, you benefit from the lower costs of living. Prague is often ranked among the Top 10 cities to see in Europe, and one of the safest. Indeed, working in Prague allows you to have lunch at the restaurant every day which is unthinkable in Germany, in England or in many other countries. As an indication, your budget for the food in Prague would be less than half what you would spend in Paris. In other words, with the money you would spend to have a beer or two in Paris with your friends would pay for a meal in a restaurant.
Don’t be afraid of the rather heavy but tasty traditional Czech cuisine. In recent years international cuisine has become increasingly popular and widely available. Prague now offers you a broad range of culinary experiences with Indian, Thai, Mexican, Italian and Vietnamese food (etc.) available across the city. There are also some highly rated top restaurants in the city offering world-class high cuisine. Different farmer’s markets offering you additionally a selection of various fresh vegetables or fruits.

Having a beer after work in Prague is a tradition and you won’t be restricted by money anymore. The city is filled with pubs that have outdoor seating in the summer. Beer is quite inexpensive and many small restaurants make their own.
Public transportation also offers a great savings, and it is easy to live in the city without a car. Monthly and yearly transportation passes let you ride trams, subways and buses interchangeably as many times a day as you want. It is also very inexpensive, about 73 percent less expensive than in London for instance. A yearly pass comes out to about two-fifths of a euro per day.
Most important: it is easy and pleasant. With bus, tram and subway services, you can cross Prague in one hour at the most. No more intolerable rush hour. It is also easy to get to nearby towns on the weekends for a day trip.

Prague is a pleasant place to live and work thanks to the numerous green spaces that it offers. You will not feel overwhelmed because of the pollution nor under pressure because of the stress of the city. Every neighborhood has some small parks, and the city has several larger ones that offer biking, swimming and hiking, among other diversions.
This makes Prague a good place to raise children. Along with parks and playgrounds, there are several Kindergarten and international schools that teach not only in English but in German, French, Russian and other languages. The Czech Republic has also great family healthcare. There are many English speaking doctors and specialists.

Are you tempted but something is still holding you back?

Don’t worry, you will definitely not be the only expatriate in Prague. In the Czech Republic one inhabitant out of 25 is a foreigner. In Prague, you can hear a variety of languages on the street every day, and even outside of the center you can find menus in English and shop assistants who speak English.

The expatriate community is really strong in Prague, reaching some 166,000 foreigners. All European nations are well represented in Prague. Whether your native language is German, English or even Dutch or Finnish, you will find many opportunities to speak your monther tongue
Social media groups and other outlets dedicated to foreigners in Prague offer help with everything from finding an apartment to finding a good mobile phone service.

Moreover, Prague is a very central and modern city. You can quickly be in Berlin, Vienna or Budapest. Prague is in the very center of Europe, what enables its citizens to be connected very easily with the rest of the continent.
Also, you will not be lost in Prague. Its international food and fashion outlets will give you the same comfort as you have at home.

So make your move, you will not regret it!

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