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4 Easy Ways to Learn a New Language for working abroad

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If you want to work abroad, especially if it’s in another EU country, being bilingual will greatly increase your chances of being hired. Having a second language is a great asset to have in this highly competitive recruitment market.

If you have plans to move abroad in the next 6 months then you need to start learning that language now. For example, if you’re an English native speaker and you want a job in Germany it would be expected that you have a good level of German, even though English is spoken by most Germans. The same can be said for most EU countries.

If you want to learn quickly here are 4 easy ways to learn a new language.

Go Mobile

More than likely you have a smartphone which means language apps are a great way to get things started, and when you have free time you can instantly improve your language skills. It is worth trying out a few language apps. Popular language apps used by expats like Memrise. This app not only helps you learn the language but has great ways to help you remember so you can progress quickly.

Just start chatting  

The old school way never fails. Find someone who speaks the language you wish to learn and simply start talking about anything. Find local meetup events in your city via online forums which can be found in facebook groups and start skype chats.

Books and Audiobooks

If you’re a bookworm then use it to your advantage. Reading in another language - especially if you can read out loud - will help you learn that new language quickly. Our tip would be pick a book that you genuinely want to read get the translated version and attempt to read it. Also if you have Netflix or Amazon Prime start watching films in the language you wish to speak, and that will help you converse with native speakers.

Or just take lessons

The old tried and trusted way of going to language classes are always available to you, however it can be costly and take up more time than the other methods mentioned, but can be good if you feel you need some formal polish on your new skill.

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