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Dos and Don’ts - searching for a new job while still employed

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Are you unhappy with your current job or are you just looking for the next step in your professional career? Want to start your job search - but don’t want to quit your current job and risk being unemployed? It makes sense - and most experts would probably recommend searching for a new job while you are still employed. Why? Because employers always want the best people and those usually have a job already - so to them you will seem much more alluring.

But as good as that sounds - you have to be careful. You don’t want your current employer to find out you are looking for a new job because then you will face the risk of being let go. So we have prepared a couple of Dos & Don’ts for you.

Don’t: Tell anyone at work.

Sharing this information with your co-workers can put you in a difficult situation. They might see this as a betrayal and start treating you differently. It is also likely that the secret won’t stay with just one person. The rumor mill might make your boss aware of your job search and you certainly don’t want that.

Do: Ask the possible employer for confidentiality.

When you are applying or interviewing for a new job, make sure to ask the potential employer to keep this confidential for now. Most employers will understand when you ask them not to tell people or contact your current company.

Don’t: Use your current coworkers/ supervisors as references.

When you are asked for references you obviously shouldn’t put down anyone from your current company if they don’t know about your job search. If they would be contacted you would have a lot of explaining to do.

Do: Schedule interviews outside of working hours.

When you are asked for an interview you should try to schedule it outside of your working hours. If you informed the employer/recruiter that you are currently still working, they might try to set up the interview for a time that is convenient for you - this could be either a breakfast meeting or an after-work interview.

Don’t: Use the company computer, phone, printer etc.

Even though it may seem convenient to print out your CVs at work or check your emails on the company PC - don’t do it. Most companies monitor the internet and phone usage of their employees. You also don’t want co-workers seeing you print out documents for your application. So stick with your personal devices.

Do: Stay focused on your current job.

It might seem hard to focus on your current job when you have the chance of a new and better position, but you don’t want to raise any suspicion so keep up with your work as before. This way you can also make sure to leave a good impression when you are leaving.

Don’t: Dress differently.

Do you have an interview scheduled after work? Then bring your interview clothes and change after work. You don’t want to show up to work in a different attire than usual because this will raise a lot of questions among co-workers and your managers.

Do: Be honest.

If you need to take a day off work for an interview don’t fake being sick - instead take a personal day or a vacation day (you will lose them anyway if you get a new job, so why not use them now). Also if your employer finds out for some reason and confronts you - don’t lie, it will only cause more trouble.

Don’t: Mention your job search on social media.

Obviously you shouldn’t post anything about your job search on Social Media. Most employers regularly check up on their employees profiles and you don’t want them to find out that way. One thing you should do - keep your LinkedIn Profile up to date.

Do: Stay on the good side with your current employer.

When you eventually leave your current company you want to be remembered as an employee with morals and credibility. So don’t bad mouth your employer because it will seem disloyal and immature. Also don’t burn your bridges with your manager and co-workers - they could give you good references and who knows, they might be a valuable contact one day.

Now we hope that with these tips you will find your next job -

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