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"I’ve just got into a relationship with a new job…Can you give me some advice?”

New Job

“Dear Agony Aunt at Jobcoconut,

I’ve just accepted a multilingual job working abroad and I need some advice. I’m worried about my relationship with my new job. I didn’t have much luck with my last job. I really like my new job. I feel secure and respected and I love waking up every morning with my new job there for me. I love that it is a multilingual job as I find languages very attractive, and I also love that it shows me new exciting places because it is a work abroad job.

Jobcoconut, can you give me some job advice to give my relationship with my new job the best chance possible? I don’t want to be left heartbroken and having to travel home because working abroad didn’t work out.


Anxious Newbie

I Love my New Job

Starting at a new job is a bit like starting a new relationship. You want to give off the best impression of yourself possible and you’re constantly looking over your shoulder hoping the new job is not going to think that maybe they should have chosen someone else! Those first few months are exciting but nerve racking as well. So what are the dos and don’ts of this exciting relationship with your new job? Let us give you some friendly career advice -

Don’t Stand Up Your Job

If you’ve agreed a time and day to meet with your new job, don’t stand them up by not showing. Actions speak louder than words once the interview process is over, so show them that you can stick to your commitments and be a dedicated employee. Sometimes there will be an unavoidable situation in which you simply can’t meet up with your job one day. Make sure you give your job plenty of notice to show you are courteous and are aware of how your absence will affect them.

Support your Job with a Like

We live in a digital age and there is no getting away from this fact. How you act online is directly interpreted as how you act in real life. So why not show your new job that you support them and Like some of their posts on social media!

Be Careful of being too Snap-Happy

Do you love snapping pictures on a night out and posting them across social media? Many people do! But be careful - once you are in a new job it is a good idea to be aware that your new job might be able to see your social media. You do not need to change who you are for a new job, but be clever about what you share and who you share it with.

No one likes being Ghosted!

There is nothing worse than being interested in someone and suddenly they disappear off the face of the planet! If things are not working out at your new job, be professional and discuss it. You never know, they might be willing to work around your needs. Perhaps you will be highlighting a problem they know has been an issue all along. If you are working in an industry which is very close knit the worst thing you can do is ghost, after all word spreads and you do not need the next job getting warnings about your reputation!

Dear Anxious Newbie,

We hope our career advice will be helpful to you and don’t stress because by getting the job the hard work is already done! Feel proud that you have that multilingual job you always wanted and enjoy the exciting experience of working abroad!

Always here for more career advice,


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