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What is driving German expats to work abroad in Ireland?

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Imagine Working Abroad

Let’s do a quick imaginative exercise! It will only take a minute. Take a moment to consider this question - when you imagine working abroad, what thoughts come to mind? Consider every idea and image that enters your brain. Most likely what came to mind were your desires and fears of working abroad.  

Chances are if you are a German you quickly began to wonder what your quality of life would be like in a foreign country. In 2016 YouGov conducted a poll which revealed that German people value pleasing experiences more than their pay check at the end of the month. In fact, three out of four (76 per cent) German respondents would rather a pleasant atmosphere at work over higher pay.

Why do German People Work Abroad?

This German way of thinking got our brains buzzing here at Job Coconut. Everyday we wonder about what makes people leave their home country to work abroad. Especially, when money is not a driving factor. What this German poll confirms is that some people have their values in a different order. It is no surprise that people who choose to work abroad highly value the pleasure of great experiences! After all, travelling is an experience that stays with you for life. Experiencing a new culture, meeting new and interesting people, challenging your boundaries and seeing the world – all these things happen when you choose to work abroad.

To get these great experiences people are going to travel and work abroad in specific places. Would it surprise you to hear that Germany provides the largest number of tourists in mainland Europe? And that German tourists are the third highest in Ireland? In a way, it shouldn’t be a shock. After all Irish and German people share many of similar interests. German people are famous for their love of bakeries, craft beers, sport, tasty meat dishes and valuing great life experiences. What a nation of people love directly translates into what they have decided is valuable for a good quality of life. Guess what? Irish people value many of these things too.

German and Irish People Know How to Enjoy Themselves!

Let’s have a closer look at some comparisons between German and Irish favourites:

     German                                             Irish

Germany’s capital, Berlin,                             Ireland’s capital, Dublin, also has

has a famous Potato Soup                            a Potato soup with sausage – it’s called

with sausage sprinkled                                 Coddle!


German people love a hearty                      The Irish are no different and if an Irish person finds

evening spent cheering                                out you also love a good match, they will try to convince you

for their football team.                                 to get seats on Hill 16 in Croke Park Stadium which is famous for a                                                                           wild atmosphere!

German’s love a Frankfurter!                      Irish people love a good sausage so much that the nation

                                                                        gave out when there was a threat that Superquinn’s famous

                                                                        sausages might be no more when the shop was closing. 

                                                                        This was such a worry that the new owner kept the sausages

                                                                        on the shelves and still label them Superquinn Sausages!

Germany’s bakeries, with their                   Every Irish child remembers visiting their Nanny and her the

Streusel cakes, pretzels and Berliner       tray of perfect sandwiches. Perfect because there is nothing

Donuts, are cherished by German              better than a batch of fresh Turnover bread from the

people all over the country.                         bakery. The Irish love their sweet pastries too, as the large 

                                                                         number of “upscale” donut shops prove!

Craft beers are a matter of pride to          Irish people are famous for their love of a good

German people you enjoy a drink.            drink, and today’s young generation particularly love

One beer is never like another.                  craft beers. Many small distilleries have popped up

                                                                         in recent years as well as craft beer pubs.

These two nations of people share a similar appreciation for the good things in life and therefore it is no surprise that German people decide to work abroad in Ireland year after year. While working abroad is an experience to try new things, anyone who travels wants that experience to be positive. Working abroad in a country which values the same things you do is going to ensure that the new experiences are always going to be positive experience.   

If you are a German speaker interested in working abroad in Ireland why not check out some jobs that are available right now! Or check out some more fun German vs Irish facts here!


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